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10 signs to know if a girl likes you via SMS
Are you seeing a girl who actually likes you? Do you feel that you are efficient enough to make her like you over texts? Wanna know that how to tell if a girl likes you over text? Well, all your questions will be answered here. Guys are completely blank when it comes to analyzing a girl’s signs or body language. They are not at all good at reading signs as for them, it is quite confusing. A girl may either flirt with you some day and do not even text or may even completely ignore you, the very next day. She may even tease you but you are not sure if she is just flirting or simply replying to your texts but in actual, she never wants to meet you. It is very easy to speak to a girl in person than while texting.
Girls are always confusing, this is what a guy’s ideology is and also, they cannot easily identify the signs and little actions. There are certain non-verbal clues, which are used while conversating through text messages and that can be easily identified. She will give you a good idea to know if a girl likes you through text. Read this article and you will surely get some amazing tips to tell if a girl likes you over text.
Best Tips to Tell If a Girl Likes You Over Text:
1. Notice How Often She Starts the Conversation
If you always have to initiate the conversation between you and your partner, then it means that either she is not actually interested or maybe your actions are making her lose interest. On the other hand, if she herself initiates the conversation too often, she may be interested in you. When a girl likes someone, she will try to show her interest without looking too clingy or being too obvious. As a result, if she initiates at least half of your conversations then, it will not start all of them. If a girl does start all of the conversation. It could be a sign that she is not worried about because she just sees you as a good friend.
2. Notice If She is the First to Say Goodbye
If a girl likes you then, she is more likely to end a text conversation in an effort to show that she is interested and has a social life even without you. When a girl ends the texting conversations with something like, “Gotta go, or “I have to leave” then she could be interesting. If she ends texting instead of saying good-bye, then she is probably not interested or wants you to initiate more efforts without making her look more desperate and clingy. Girls never want to appear desperate until they intent to be one.
3. See If She Sends the Emoticons
Noticing how often she uses emoticons and which one she uses the most, is the best way to tell if a girl likes you over text. Winking face is the most often used emoticon when a girl will flirt. The more she uses an emoticon wink, it is more likely to guess that what she actually thinks about you. Standard smiles may not mean the same thing, but large smiles are fortunately a good sign. A kiss face and a blushing emoticon may also frequent her texts if she likes you.
4. Determine If She is Interested in What You Say
If she gives good and thorough responses to your comments then it portrays that she is actually interested and is also liking your thoughts. A greater interest eventually means that she is interested. When she turns off the conversation herself, she might not be really interested or just passing time. If she gives super quick or small replies like the very famous single stated alphabet “K” or frequently leaves the conversation then she is not interested. When you say her something funny and she jokes back or acts curious about your joke to keep the conversation on, then it shows that she wants to keep talking to you for as long as possible.
5. See If She Starts to Tease You
If she starts to tease you while conversating with messages, then it is a good sign to tell if a girl likes you over text. When she tries to tease you either poorly or impressively, it shows that she is comfortable to show you her sense of humor. It will also provide you with an opportunity to compliment her humorous personality. Sarcasm is the greatest weapon when it comes to teasing. Teasing is another way to flirt through text messages.
6. Notice Her Messages
If most of her texts are practical or some work related queries such as a question about assignments, then she may not be really interested. If her texts are personal and she asks you about your personal life then she might be interested. Also, a few girls try to be simple by just initiating a conversation with practical things. As this is considered as the soberest way while talking to someone for the first time. Determine if she recalls some specific things you previously mentioned to her about your plans. If she asks random questions about anything which is not important then it means she finds excuses to talk to you because she is really thinking about you. The questions can be about your family members or related to things and people who are close to you.
7. Notice How Often She Uses Punctuations
Look at how often she uses exclamation points or any punctuations. If she uses more exclamation points, then it indicates her raised excitement to talk to you, which signifies that she really likes you or it is a simple initiative to show some interest in your personality.
  • A “Hey Dear!” is more promising than a simple, “Hey.”

  • See how many of her words are unnecessarily long. Many girls use extra consonants and vowels onto words.

  • For instance, she might text words like “Hey!”, ” please”, “right”, “Hi” or “bye”, with an exaggerated last alphabet like “Hiiiii!”

  • The idea is to mimic the elongation of words, used in real-life flirtatious banter.

  • She will over exaggerate her expressions while talking to you and will not hesitate even a bit to use cheesy lines.
8. Notice If She Uses Text Giggles
Any textual laughter and even those LOL texts are a good sign to tell if a girl likes you over text. There are some better signs than others. Some abbreviations like “LOL,” “LMAO,” or “ROTFL” can be sent to anyone like a friend, love or even your crush. A “haha” or “hehe” is a better sign because she wants you to actually imagine her laughing. These two forms of textual laughing depict the real-life giggles, rather than a loud laugh. When a girl is more likely to text you a “hehe”, she wants to sound cute. You will also find her sending lot of emojis while texting.
9. Notice If She Invites You
If she frequently drops any hints then it is a good way to tell if a girl likes you over text. When she invites you to a party or any other event then it is a sign she wants to meet you or she wants to spend time with you. If she has a strong desire to meet you or to only get a glance of you, then it is a good hint that she is interested. You would find her trying to make attempts to be with you. To know if a girl likes you through text, check how often she invites you to meet. How often she asks you where you are so that you both can catch up over coffee or whatever you prefer.
10. Notice If She Likes Exchanging Selfies
No girl would ask for your picture if she is not interested in you. To know if a girl really likes you through text, try to see if she comments on your display picture and asks you for your photos. She would also send you her pictures and would ask you to comment on it. The most obvious sign when a girl likes you through text is when she sends you her picture or asks you for your picture. If she does this, it can be a sure sign that she is interest in you. You will find that only the most confident or outgoing girls can do this. Well, if she is shy she would not do that but if she is doing, thus it is a sure sign to tell if a girl likes you through text.

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