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Another Country Just Legalize Same S*x Marriage
Celebrations broke out across Australia after a two-month national postal survey came out “overwhelmingly” in favor of legalizing same-S*x marriage.

Results released Wednesday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed 61% of the population voted to allow same-S*x marriage, with 38% voting against.

Rainbow-colored smoke, confetti, and cheers erupted in the center of Melbourne following the announcement, where hundreds of people had gathered to hear the result.

When couple Jane Mahoney, 28, and Josie Lennie, 26, heard the result they collapsed into each others’ arms in tears.
“(Now) we need to save and also gets lots of fun ideas from the other gay weddings,” they told CNN.

Mahoney and Lennie said they were “over the moon” with the result.
More than 12.7 million people across the country, or 79.5% of the population, took part in the survey with every state and territory returning a majority “yes.”

Celebrations, singing and tears greeted the announcement in Melbourne.

It’s the beginning of the end of a long-running campaign to allow marriage equality in Australia, something already legal in the majority of English-speaking countries worldwide.
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