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Writing on bitcoin without introducing a user to what bitcoin is, is like writing with chalk on a tiled floor, Of course, it's either the reader is able to see it or not. That's it!! it's either readers understand this or not... 

You can check this article on bitcoin here... Everything you have to know on bitcoin. 
Just to brief users, bitcoin is an anonymous online currency.. (ANONYMOUS? Check the above link to verify). Bitcoin is an online currency, very valuable than the dollar... A bitcoin now worth over 1,200$ dollars. 

How sure are we That Nakamoto Satoshi is not a CIA agent? Who is he? Of course, nobody knows... He is about 1.1 billion dollars rich... Nobody knows him yet. 
He is somewhere hidden out there. 

So back to the real objective of this writing. Bitcoin is the world most anonymous currency because you can don't know someone has any unless you are told.
Bitcoin uses a set of addresses (encrypted and may take like 10 years to decrypt with a system) just like bank uses account number. But in a bank, you can know the name of the person you are dealing with because you are expected to fill to fill user account name for security purposes. 

Bitcoin as a crypto-currency can be mined, used for investment and payment purposes... Hackers do request to be paid in BTC because they know it's far away from tracking... You can track an account number but not a bitcoin address. And that's why it's anonymous.... You can be dealing with your friend and both of you not knowing you are dealing with each other..... That's bitcoin 

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