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Career Secrets Everyone Should Know
Secrets are meant to be kept, that’s why it is a secret in the first place. I strongly believe that some secrets are meant to be told, anyway "Have you read 40 secrets to success by 40 Nigerian women? Not too late, I have decided to let these 5 out of the bag for your sake;
Have you ever imagined your body to be a container? Surprised right, I just realized that reading Tolulope Sangosanya’s contribution; “I feel human beings should be treated as individual entities no matter the S*x. After all, the human body is just the 'container 'of the real us, our souls don't come in sexes”. This is one of the most inspiring words I have heard in a while. Wow, it sure will make you do more as an individual regardless of your S*x or personality.
No wonder Abi Longe believes that anyone can achieve success regardless of the S*x if they work hard and smart; “Read voraciously, work harder and smarter than everyone. You will stand out so clearly, no glass ceiling will be able to stop you!”
In the same light, Bukonla Adebakin tells us how she started her career journey at the age of 25 despite the barrier. This what she shared with us; “Some people do not take females seriously. I remember one interview I went for, I was told I was “too beautiful to be intelligent”. Be strong! Be resilient! Never be deterred. Impossible is nothing!”
Maybe like me, you have wondered about many stereotypic ideas that fly around especially in this part of the world, that is exactly how Estella Ogbonna feels sharing her contribution with us “People still have the mindset that some professions are for men mostly. I see people frowning at women being Danfo Bus drivers or staring at them like they are aliens from outer space.”
These words from these amazing women got me really steered up to do more regardless of my S*x or personality, and I know it will inspire too.
Just to add my own thought before I leave, we are in a fast-paced world and technology has taken over almost all aspects of human life. It is advisable for us to keep up with the change that is happening everywhere around us (technologically). In the exact words of Eva Sonaike; “As technology is developing faster than ever, keep up to date what is going on in tech. You never know when you may need it.”
This is simply a call for everyone to do better and smarter in whatever field. Click this link to see more inspiring advice. Don’t forget to inspire someone today by dropping your own career advice in the comment section.

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