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Hello guys, Etisalat SmartPak unlimited free browsing cheat is back again this time on XP Psiphon (one of the trusted FBT vpn). Don't get it twisted, the 'free browsing' tag doesn't mean it's completely free because you have to subscribe for the smartpak with a little money but trust me, what you gain is far more better. That's why i called it free browsing because it's almost free of charge.

As of 2015, Etisalat SmartPak and socialme paks were the trending cheats as they lasted for almost one year. We were all using it. With just N150, you browse and download unlimited until the validation period reaches. Most of us utilized the opportunity to download as many stuffs as possible online. Thanks to Psiphon pro lite, simple server(now netloop) and Tweakware that time.

Meanwhile, Etisalat noticed the loophole and decided to add speed throttling after using certain amount of data. Like that one wasn't enough, they drastically reduced the data allocation of the plan to something very poor. That was how it ended.

Fast forward it to this year 2017, the etisalat smartpak cheat is back and working again on android devices; thanks to XP Psiphon VPN app. So without wasting much time, let me show you how to setup the the app in order to enjoy this cheap awoof free browsing.

✔️ First of all, make sure you are on Easy cliq tariff plan (Migrate code *244*1#)
✔️ After that, dial *200*3*3*1*2*1# to activate Etisalat Chatpak weekly for N150.
After that you will get a message as follows:

CONGRATS ! you have successfully subscribed to PAYU data plan giving 1022976 Mb it will expire on 26 / 02 / 2085 13 :00

✔️ The download XP Psiphon VPN
Here and install on your Android device.
✔️ After installation, launch XP Psiphon and click 'Menu' at the top left side of the app
Then click on 'XP generator'

Use below settings in the XP Generator 
Proxy type: Real Host
Now click on "Generate"
Finally, under server, set as "Best performance"

Then hit the Connect button. Watch it as it connects after some seconds. You can now open your browsers and start browsing.
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