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How To Make Genuine Money Online Now
Good day everyone. I am Olivia and I want to introduce to interested people to an online platform that pays its prospects weekly.
Following the recent encounters with so many online business, I can attest to the credibility of this website.

Newspay, which is an online media platform that supplies news for its prospects is an online social media platform which open a way for everyone to make some money while working from home.

*About The Company*
Newspay is been published on 20th of July 2018 and is a branch of news sharing platform of HIPPO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – – Company Number ED64245 , an ICT company with a registered company address and details.

How A Member Benefits

1. In Newspay, there are series of posts called sponsored posts that comes out once daily. For reading and commenting on this post, you will earn #6.Now you will make #30 every week from it.

2. You can also earn earn from other people comments per stories when you click on them and give a reasonable reply to them you will get #3 per comment.

3. When you share that sponsored post which to either Facebook or Twitter, you will earn #100 per day.

4. They also pay you daily for login into their website which is #50 plus an extra #2 they will give to you.

5. When you register someone or your friends using your link, you will get an 1000 naira for that.

It is also noteworthy to tell you guys that for you to register someone, you will have to buy coupon code from Newspay authorized vendors. And this vendors are online to attend to you.

Also unlike other websites, the issue of refferal isn't a problem as you are allowed to withdraw without refferal which they substituted with a promotional video or post like this.

To join newspay, you will only have to register with a one time payment of #1600 which you will earn in a week.

Therefore, hurry now and join Newspay so that you won't regret later. Just click on the link below to register

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