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LET ME GO (Part 1)
Let me go pleas,just let me go,i can't bear this pain anymore,Amina kept saying,my love pleas forgive me,I won't do it again Aminu said,its not my fault,the work at the office is too much,pleas bear with me,Amina didn't say anything she went to her children's room to sleep instead of her bedroom with Aminu.Aminu was in deep thought that night,he kept thinking,what can i do to pleas Amina,and finally sleep came and he slept off.
The next morning the call to fajr prayer woke him up,he got up,went to the masjid and perform salat in congregation with others,he prayed to Allah(s w t) to help him calm Amina's heart,after praying he got up and was about to leave the masjid,when the Imam of the masjid asked the men in the masjid to lend their ears to him and the Imam said treat your wives the way you treat you mothers,Aminu felt coldness in his heart as if the iman was referring to him,and then they were dismissed,when Aminu got home Amina was praying and Aminu went to the kitchen made breakfast for Amina and his kids,Hassan and Hussiana. The table was set and the kids said to their father,Abbah pleas buy us new pair of shoes and he said he will,INN SHA ALLAH.After eating Amina cleared the table and was in the kitchen doing the dishes when Aminu came behind her,he held her and he said to her,my beloved,my love,my sunshine and the moon of my heart,pleas forgive me INN SHA ALLAH,I will try coming home early and she turned to him,she kissed him on his lips and she said to him,I just want us to always spend some quality time together and he said he understood her.The kids were ready for school and Aminu was set for work and they both went out,he kissed his wife and bid her good bye.7:00pm,Aminu is still not home,8:00pm he is still not home towards 8:30pm there was a knock on the door,knock,knock she immediately ran to the door,she opened and it was Aminu,Salamualeiki he said,waaleikasalam she replied.Amina pleas i am so sorry Aminu said,Aminu pleas just......
Watch out for the continuation of LET ME GO.

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