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LET ME GO (part 2)
Aminu pleas just come in,she collected his bag,she has been worried sick about him, since this was the first time he has been this late. Go in and refresh yourself and come down for your dinner said Amina,he went in,took his bath and he came down for his dinner,she was sitting down on the mat waiting for him to come out,he came out sat down beside her,while she dished his meal,she was silent during the meal,when he was through eating,she cleared the place,did the dishes and came out to met him,she sat beside him,still quiet and then he began,Amina pleas am sorry,she used her finger to shoo him and kissed him instead and then she said to him pleas don't ever be this late again,I was worried sick,and he said to her INN SHA ALLAH,I won't be this late again,she said thank you. She said to him,I am tired and i need some sleep,she was about to get up from the mat when he grabbed her towards him,looked deep into her eyes and smiled at her,then he said to her,may Allah(s w t) bless you for been so patience with me,then she said,Ameen. She
said to him am so tired and he asked her are you sure you are tired?,she said yes,he grabbed her waist,felt her waist bead on his hands,he kissed her and she returned his kiss,he placed her gently on the mat,she struggled to get up and he looked her deep into her eyes and said to her,my love i have the right on you and she smiled at him and they both shared the mat.
The following day Aminu went to the office and his boss said so him,Aminu you have to travel to Dubai to sign the new contract we have with the textile industry,he said to his boss,sir i can't, my wife needs me,and his boss said to him,this company needs you to go for the contract,after much thinking Aminu finally agree, but asked for one week leave before the journey and his leave was granted. When Aminu got home that day,he was in a deep thought,Amina was standing in front of him but he didn't notice,so she kissed him,he looked at her and smile.What is the matter? Amina asked,Amina sit down i need to talk to you said Aminu.
Amina sat down,and he began,My dearest love,my sunshine,the moon of my heart,she smiled at him,tell me, what is the matter? asked Amina,Aminu started,my boss.........
Watch out for the continuation of LET ME GO.

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