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MTN N0.0k Free Browsing Using Spark VPN 2018
The new free browsing cheat on MTN works with N0.0 airtime and does not require any subscription or airtime to power it at all. Below is the settings for the MTN N0.0 cheat via Spark VPN

Alot of people prefer the use spark VPN  than the Free browsing via HTTP INJECTOR. They believe spark VPN consumes lass battery power, and connect faster.  Notwithstanding our configuration files are among the  fastest you can ever see on net.

Note: The data is now capped at about 50MB daily per SIM, not the usual 1GB . So once you exhaust the  50MB data, you will have to wait until 12am for another free 50MB data or use another sim. 

The Spark VPN works with a svc file. The svc file is its configuration settings. (expires  and update after every 30 days) provisional. 

Requirements for MTN Free Browsing Tweak using SparkVPN 

>> Your Android phone.
>> MTN sim
>> Spark VPN APK file
>> Spark VPN configuration file.

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