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As the scourge of Meningitis ravages the northern part of Nigeria with hundreds of death recorded in its recent outbreak.

The Federal Government announced recently that the death toll from the fresh outbreak of Meningitis in Nigeria has claimed 328 lives.
There have since then been several moves in stopping the unfortunate spread of the disease. The Federal government has even met the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other stakeholders in the world’s health affairs in order to stem the tide.
However, to support all these efforts, there is a need for the general public to have critical information about the disease and how they can keep themselves safe.
In the images below, presents seven quick facts you should know about Meningitis:
[Image: Ameni9.jpg]
[Image: ameni8.jpg]
[Image: ameni7.jpg]
[Image: ameni6.jpg]
[Image: ameni5.jpg]
[Image: ameni4.jpg]
[Image: ameni3.jpg]
[Image: ameni2.jpg]
[Image: ameni1.jpg]

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