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New GTworld app, is it legit?? See this!!
Does this suggest anything to you? Looking closely at the new GTworld mobile app, a better improvement to what they have before, initiate transaction with fingerprint or facial ID… inshort, good to behold but I’m kind of skeptical about something,considering the rate at which fraudulent activities are been carried out online and in the banking sector this days.

I paid close attention to the developers email and I was expecting to but what I saw left a big question mark on my mind which is totally uncalled for. I proceeded to check the old GTbank mobile and it is, checked zenith mobile app and it is, same goes to Firstbank, UBA and some notable banks.

[Image: gtbank.png]

[Image: gtworld.png]

This may not mean anything to you but remember that when you open the app, you’ll be required to login, put in your ATM card pin. 

Developers, is this legit or not? For me I don’t know that is why I’m asking…
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