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Obasanjo cautions Nigerians to stop wishing Buhari dead
- Chief Olusegun Obasanjo asked Nigerians
to pray for Buhari
- The former president condemned those
wishing Buhari death
- He noted that he has been a victim of such
in the past
Former president, Chief Olusegun
Obasanjo has reacted to the rumour that
President Muhammadu Buhari had died
describing those peddling the rumour as
Since President Buhari’s vacation to the
UK, there has been rumour that the
president was dead or seriously ill.

The Punch reports that Kehinde
Akinyemi who is the media aide to
Obasanjo issued a statement on Friday,
January 3 quoting the former president
who said instead of wishing Buhari
dead, Nigerians should pray for him to
be well and return to Nigeria.
Obasanjo cautions Nigerians to stop wishing Buhari
He said the president needed “our
prayers and best wishes, which will
ginger his morale to come back more
stronger and better.”
Obasanjo said the issue needed not be
politicised and said it was wrong to
wish anyone dead irrespective of
differences and recalled he has been the
victim of rumoured death while in
He said: “If you don’t like him, wait for
another election, not going about to say
he is dead. No matter his health
situation, we should pray for him to
recover quick and come back more
stronger and better.
“For anyone wishing him dead, such
person or group of persons are callous,
wicked and treacherous.
“I was also rumoured to have died
almost 12 times. I don’t know what they
derive from doing so, but, they should
seek for forgiveness.
“Even if we know that the President is
sick, he is in a better position to know
what to say or what to do and not
wishing him dead. We should just stop
politicising everything, especially with
the elderly in the country.”

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