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“I know you are just not yourself. Whatever
is it that is worrying you, i pray you get over
it soon” Chioma said to me very early the
next day as she prepared to leave. I forced
out a smile, saying nothing.
I truly never got myself all through the rest
of the previous day. The s-x we eventually
had was so dull and far from sweet. I
couldn’t help but imagine what was going
through her mind that moment. I truly left
her unsatisfied and disappointed.
Later in the day, I braced up myself and
Called Mary, asking her to show up at my
house by 7pm. She accepted without
dragging issues with me which was very
mind settling. However it was a long wait
for me as i nervously waited for the clock to
struck 7pm. My mind was uneasy, my lips
prayed ceaselessly while my heart pounded
very fast. I had to make my past with the
silly girl go away no matter the price.
She finally showed up at my apartment at
exactly 7:32pm, looking well composed and
calm. She flashed a brief smile at me,
greeted and settled quietly at a couch
opposite where i sat.
“you know the reason i called. Are you
pregnant for real?” i asked without wasting
time. She breathed deeply, fetched a piece of
paper from her hand-bag and gave to me.
I sweated as i went through it. It was a
pregnancy test result. Positive it said, duly
signed and stamped.
“so what do we do?. You very well know i
don’t need this baby nor ready to start a
family?” i asked coldly. She shrugged and
drew back.
“i don’t know. That’s your decision to make,
as for me, i’m not tampering with this
pregnancy. It’s against my faith, moreover a
child is a gift from God” she said slowly,
mincing no words and putting me in a very
tight corner. She really looked unconcerned
and serious.
I was left with no choice than to change my
To be continued.

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