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According to a course mate (Comrade, Sambo) he said there is nothing advance in advanced countries. Really what is really advance in advance countries if we are not the one using the word "advance" and promoting it and using the word "underdeveloped or third world" country to wreck out culture and believe system.  The traditional Africa society still remains the best despite the fact that most Africans are the one criticizing the society.

How do we promote the word?
Starting from the apex, when our leaders want to have fun like touring cities, they won't patronize any of Nigeria state, they prefer to go to Germany, UK etc where they can't ever be regarded as a citizen of.
When "some political office holders" wants to meet to discuss and debate on critical political issues they prefer to go abroad for meeting. Is Nigeria that unsafe?

You are using our money for buying and maintaining your exotic cars and buying plane tickets.  No Political office holder in Nigeria can boast that he is spending is salary!! You eat Shawarma or what do they call it and you think you are enjoying life.  There is nothing really advance in advanced country if A Nigerian can make it to the rank of a deputy like to Mark Zukerberg

There is nothing advance in advance country if they are under developing us by devaluing our Naira.  There is nothing advance in advance country if they pay us to get our country corrupted.  There is nothing advance in advance country if they exploit us. There is nothing advance in advanced country if all what they thought us is not how to develop our country but there's.  Most of advance country don't have natural resource as the country that they refer to as underdevelop. Most can't even explain how they are referred to as advance country.  Nigeria can boast of one of the most consumed resources in the world: crude oil and yet the state is referred to as underdevelop.  Nigeria is fortunate to have technology "gurus" in the country but yet Facebook is hired by some group of people to teach them how to use Facebook.  Facebook are paid multi million naira and I bet if nigerians are hired they will hardly be paid a million naira. Are this set of people telling us there are not those better than facebook and Mark in nigeria?  Let's go to Aba, from there to innosion (though cars are not build but assembled), from there to computer village.  I have not seen anything this people have designed that we can't design better. Any security they made that we can't and hacking they can that we can't.

CONCLUSIVELY, THERE IS NOTHING ADVANCE IN ADVANCED COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD. If they claim to be secured, what of an example of 9/11. If they claim to be populated than us, is China able to reach the apex? If they claim to have the best economy. What are they producing? come Africa to see arable lands. If they claim to be talented, come see a non schooling man that make a fueless generator.  ABDULRAZAQ BASHIR O. I REP GISTLADEN.COM

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