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Top 3 Forums to promote your blogs and business in Nigeria
A lot of peoples are in need of forums where they can promote their websites, blog, business, and brand. Although finding the appropriate forum may be a problem at times, this makes me compute the list of Forums with great potentials in Nigeria.
The reason for this list is because due to moderating issue with larger forums they might be forced not to have an alternative than to restrict some access so that they will need to do less moderating. In essence, your post may not be featured on the front page or given top priority by larger forums. However, with the list of forums I present to you, you should be able to get the target audience.
 [Image: 1_27_10_17_7_11_32.jpeg]
Note that the forums I list here may be older than some bigger forums, however, there is a high possibility of getting your posts featured on the front page of the forum and a forum like get your post featured instantly on the front page.

The following is the list of the best top 3 forums to promote your blog, brand, business and website in Nigeria. 
1.     Jackobian Forum
One of the best forum struggling to be among the top 5 most visited website in Nigeria is This forum has a lot of features ranging from user promotion, awards and in fact, the moderation of this forum is cool.
The forum created initially for students has graduated from the rank of student forums to forums for Nigerians.
If you want to learn about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Nigeria, I personally recommend you to visit Jackobian today. Jackobian is a forum that has helped a lot of Nigerians on what cryptocurrencies are and how to invest in cryptocurrency.
[Image: 1_27_10_17_7_12_05.jpeg]

Jackobian as a forum didn’t focus on cryptocurrency alone but also there are a lot of “spaces” at the homepage of the website dedicated to a lot of fields that will feed you articles from different niche... Jackobian is a Forum with more than a niche.

And less I forgot, there are programmers and also hackers on the forum. If you have any issue, they can easily help you out.
Jackobian runs modern forum software which makes the forum one of the best forum to find fun also. The more you interact on the forum, the more popular you get.
You can visit Jackobian here
2.     NCT Forum
NCT Forum is the combination of three alphabets which is self-explanatory: Nigeria’s Creative Talents Forum. This is a forum where you can get a lot of coders, a forum with a lot of registered and active users.

On NCT you can get your website reviewed in just a few minutes by developers and designers on the website. So if you are a developer you can get people to review your website duly in just a few minutes with reports by the members.

Also, if you are just launching your website you can use NCT to get traffic to your website, reviews, and recommendations. is one of the best forum to promote your business and brand relating to technology. This forum is noted to put posts related to technology more on the front page than any other niche. So here in if your blog or brand is relating to technology, you can use this Forum for promotion and traffic.
One of the most innovative features on NCT forum is that you can get featured as the member of the week with a direct link to your website on the front page of the forum if you performed excellently in a week.

You can visit NCT here
3.     Naijacore (Community for Core Nigerians) is a forum that is less than 5 months old at the time of writing this post. The forum is gaining the attention of Nigerians as the ranking of the forum is going up radically on Alexa.
[Image: 1_24_09_17_7_24_20.png]

Nigerians are still curious where this forum is heading to because the forum possesses a lot of features that make it one of the best forum to ever get fast ranking by Alexa.
This forum will feature your posts on the front page immediately you publish them. At the same time members are awarded currency they can use to purchase awards on the forum. The more you interact on the forum, the more you earn.
Another good thing about the forum is that there is free support for WordPress, MyBB and Xenforo CMS which you can get by posting here
One of the most innovative sides of this forum is that you can earn not less than N1000 monthly by just posting and interacting on the forum.

If you have a forum missing from this list or possibly, something you want to add to this post contact me here
Dont hesitate to join the discussion,signup in less than 3 min.

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