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We need Catlyne Jenner to Regulate Nollywood Movies
I wanted to wait for the right time. The right time haven't come and I can't keep quiet on this one!

Now that our own Nollywood don feature Bobrisky. Can Angelina Jolie and Bruce/Catlyne Jenner come to our aid by heading the Body regulating Nollywood cos they produce the type of film that they can regulate and we will keep mute. 

Now that our own Nollywood people with non suitable films for children have chased even adult to be watching Zeeworld on DSTV, can we welcome the India Prime Minister to come head our state?

Now that our Nollywood people are promoting prostitution can we welcome Brazil Michel Temer to put pressure on our very own Acting President Osinbajo or Our President Buhari and the NASS to legalize prostitution?

We have to pray for our Nollywood people to start shooting village movies in advance country because advance countries actors are shooting some movies and music videos in our villages. 

Hope our Nollywood people don't chase me from watching their premium and romance movie.
Hope they don't stop me from stopping friends and family from watching Zeeworld.
Hope they make me happy when Facebook remind me forthcoming years that wow, things have changed now.

<p>A General Okoh Computation</p>
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