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WHAT IS UR2: An Update to UR cryptocurrency
After hundreds of complain of UR fall in market by UR users. Finally, it look like the Crypto-currency really mean the business. They have make an announcement to strengthen the crypto-currency and make it market oriented one.

You can read the announcement made by the Cryptocurrency blog below:

Quote:Dear UR community,
Thank you for your hard work and your many feature requests and suggestions for improving UR and the UR community.
During the last 3 weeks, our development team members traveled to the U.S. to discuss how to implement your ideas for the next phase of UR. These meetings proved to be very fruitful, and we would like to announce some upcoming changes that directly address your most urgent concerns.
Here are the changes that you’ve asked for:
  • Simplified sign-up process

  • Remove ID verification requirement

  • Higher value in the price of UR

  • Less volatility in the price of UR

  • New ways to make the exchange of UR even easier, without the need of an exchange

  • Faster, bug-free, smoother user experience with the UR Money app

  • Open UR to all countries, including Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.

  • Merchant solution that makes it easy for businesses to accept UR
We are happy to report that we’ve created a development roadmap that will provide you with solutions for ALL of these requests. Soon, no ID verification will be required and the currency will have much more price stability. We have managed to come up with a set of robust and unique technological features that have never before been offered or implemented by any cryptocurrency development team. For now, we are calling this new version of the currency “UR2”.
The changes you have requested will require significant development efforts, including a fundamental redevelopment of the UR platform from scratch. We have decided to accept this challenge and our development team is already been busy with the creation of UR2 for you, our highly valued global UR community.
How will these changes affect the existing UR users:
  1. You will be able to exchange your UR for the improved UR2 currency at rates much better than today’s UR price (we will keep you updated on this exchange opportunity over the coming few months).

  2. You can continue to refer new UR users as before for at least the next 30 days. After this time, we will suspend the ability to invite others so that we can make necessary changes to the technology.

  3. We will dedicate most of our focus to the development of UR2 so that we can release it to you as soon as possible. This means we have fewer man hours to dedicate towards the existing ID verification process. Any new signup who does not meet the terms of verification (poor quality images, incomplete information, etc.) will be rejected and will not be able to attempt to sign up again until the official release of UR2. Please make sure your referred users complete the sign-up process completely and accurately.

  4. We will not focus on removing bugs from the current UR Money app, but will rather focus on the development of the new version of this app.

  5. All existing UR members will be the first to get access to the new UR2 platform, currency, and wallet before anyone else. You will be an important part of the UR2 release and final design.
UR pioneers, thank you again for all of your dedication and support. Our experiences and your suggestions have led us to the exciting technological breakthroughs we are now building for you. These changes will allow us to reach our goals even better, and create a cryptocurrency that is stable, useful, and accessible for the UR community and the whole world.
Over the coming weeks and months, we will keep you updated about the progress of UR2 and other important news regarding the UR2 release.
Please make sure you keep a copy of your UR Money secret phrase in a safe place!
You will need it to exchange your UR for the new version of the currency.

We are excited to share more details about UR2 with you over the coming weeks!
Eiland Glover
CEO, UR Technology

With the above, I wish fellow URanians, goodluck...
You can always visit our Forum for UR update: Gistladen Forum
Dont hesitate to join the discussion,signup in less than 3 min.

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