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Welcome back friends, colleagues and visitors that cant do without visiting daily. Surely, we lost a lot of people during the dark shutdown by our hosting company (Which I will like not to mention company name so as not to be guilty of assassination of the company character).
Since the shutdown issue in early February, I have been trying to get the issue resolved at first, but the site backup is stucked on the website Control Panel. Ordinarily, the control panel don't go down ever if a website does, but to my greatest surprise the panel was down.
A control panel of a website is totally different from the website name, it may be inform of digit of web address that even the website name wont be among the link. The panel is used in doing some advance tweaking and settings on a website. For example, checking website maximum memory capacity and usage.
Uptil this moment the hosting company on which this site is on have not notify ANY of there customers why the dark shutdown. Most businesses were ruined withing the few weeks they are online and so is the relationship between me and fellow users on the site.
Immediately after the shutdown I mail and even try to chat privately with the hosting company but I was not getting any reply. We were not notified earlier for the shutdown...All of a sudden everything just went down. is back now stronger and ready to serve our consumers (visitors) premium contents free of charge..
Welcome back users, we need your support to make this website great as it was.
Thanks for reading,
The General Okoh

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