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Full Version: Former President Of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe unable to walk
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Robert Mugabe unable to
walk; seeks treatment in

Former President of Zimbabwe, Robert
Mugabe who is unable to walk again, has
been receiving medical treatment in
Singapore over the last two months.

94-year-old Robert Mugabe who is
expected to return home next week, ruled
the southern African nation for nearly four
decades since independence from Britain in
1980, was forced to resign in November
2017 after an army coup.

Speaking to ZANU-PF supporters at a rally in
Murombedzi, Mr. Mugabe’s village some 100
km (60 miles) west of the capital Harare,
President Emmerson Mnangagwa who did
not disclose the treatment Robert Mugabe
who is unable to walk had been
undergoing, said his predecessor was
expected to return on October 15 but that
his poor health had delayed the journey.

“We have just received a message that he is better now and will return on November 30.