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Full Version: Best Un-Crowded Blogging Niches For Nigerian Bloggers (Three Best Ones)
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Several Nigerian bloggers have fallen into the ditch running the already crowded niche blogs; say News, entertainment, technology, and several other niches but not looking aside to see exactly what is there to gain from except what they do thought of.
I could still tell you that there are other website niches in Nigerian which we can assure you that they are not too overcrowded, the good thing is this, they pay well also.
Several of us engage in website niches which are already overcrowded and as such majority of bloggers lack focus and write extensively about things which do not conform with their blogging niche.
Take for instance an entertainment website writing about the best way of getting traffic to your blog.
Isn’t this out of point?
This is why we have taken our time to strictly select The Best Un-Crowded Blogging Niches For Nigerian Bloggers (Three Best Ones) which seemed to be still fresh and non-crowded (untapped niches). If you’re are a confused blogger in your niche, you’re welcomed to venture into any of these blogging niches.
Let’s quickly dive into the reason we are here as I recalled, you’re probably here looking for the obvious.
Below, we will be speaking of the three best non-crowded blogging niches for Nigerians to patronize other than cluster in the already saturated niche.
Without further ado, let us say a little about Niche blogs to create better understanding with our readers.
What is a Niche blog?
A niche blog is a blog which focuses on a specific and a well and perfectly defined areas in the blogosphere. Take for an example, is a news Niche blog, is an Entertainment niche blog, 3ptechies is a tech Niche blog and here we are @ is a webmaster niche blog.

With the explanation leveled above, we could now advance to mentioning and explaining the best three non-crowded blogging niche in Nigeria.

Three best non-crowded blogging niche in Nigeria

  1. Real Estate
Real estate is one of the profitable blogging niches in Nigeria and they have low competition as not too many people are seemingly interested in the said niche.

This is because several people do not know about them and alternatively, they still have a good search volume on Google.
Several real estate bloggers move away from their websites because they tend to believe that they do not have time enough to run their website.

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