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Full Version: Is police really your friend
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*The Nigerian Police under the Police Act, Constitution and Employment of the force is saddled with the responsibility of the prevention and detection of crime, the apprehension of offenders, the preservation of law and order, the protection of life and property and the due enforcement of all laws and regulations with which they are directly charged and shall perform such military duties within or outside Nigeria as may be required of  them by, or under the authority of this or any other act.*

It is rather unfortunate that the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) today is a shadow of itself. Unsurprisingly, Nigerians with evidence can strongly  attest to the fact that majority of the police officers totally negates the principles and objectives fundamental to the establishment of the force. A government agency charged with the enforcement and implementation of the law now posits threat to the well being of the citizens it is meant to protect. It is at this juncture lucid even to the unborn, that the integrity and diligence to service that govern the NPF in the past as suddenly gone down the drail. 

Indubitably, you will agree with me that *Police is your enemy* would have been surreal and Nigerians wouldn't be oblivious of who really they are to be wary of. Besides, the slogan of this agency isn't legit but rather a complete contrast to the manner in which most NP(Nigeria Police) perform their duties.
As a matter of fact, disparate illicit activities ranging from extortion of vehicle owners, bribery, oppression, gross impunity, killing of innocent citizens and many more has further proven that.

Notably, Bribery, which of course has taken the center stage in the NPF is illegal but seems paramount of all because of its swift lucrative nature. It has drastically usurped the system and rendered justice hopeless. What then is our fate?. Are we going to continue observing while Several exigent situations are being aggravated, boycotted or haphazardly attended to?. Who knows!. Someone said, *that police late arrival to crime scenes are  most times deliberate.*This of course I buy into as it has lead to several loss of lives and properties. Consequently, Nigerians are left to succumb rather than report any criminal acts because they wouldn't want to face another nightmare. Although impressive,at the same time disgraceful is how accurate our dear uniform men make descriptions of criminals. Do we apparently say it is inherent as a trained police or we believe that our Police officers have established a close rapport with *Familar criminals* such that they connive to terrorise the citizens? May God help us.

In conclusion, if our police officers can claim the lives of over one thousand innocent Nigerians then we need to run !. In order to establish a peaceful coexistence and  maintain it, the Nigeria Police Force should either be dissolved or restructured. We have the SARS, MOPOLS, Special Interventions etc. The government should have them merged into two and their functions explicit. Each having its peculiarities. That is my Submission.

      *#save Nigerians from Injustice, Premature death and Oppression*

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