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Yes, in the wake of holding up and holding up, it appears God at last addressed Airtel NG as they unceremoniously report the roll-out of 4G LTE. In spite of the fact that Airtel was the primary media transmission administrator in the nation in 2012 to effectively complete 4G trial in Lagos however the last to send the innovation. 

[Image: Airtel%2B4G.png]
They sought refuge while they nicodemusly watched Etisalat, Glo and MTN take off 4G LTE arrange in 2016. 

As indicated by Airtel NG, that the take off of the 4G innovation was in association with ZTE, a Chinese multinational media communications gear/frameworks organization. Meaning ZTE will construct their 4G LTE organize in Nigeria. 

To what extent it will take is not known but rather I'm almost certain it won't take long. Airtel is only a run of the mill case of the first might be the last. The question is, will they likewise present new information arranges once they finish the work of the 4G Services?