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Buhari :( Who among you is my son Lagbaja reporting to the world?)

Fatah Ahmed became the Governor of Kwara State in 2011 while Baguda became Governor of Kebbi state in 2015, while Baguda took N4bn to BOI, got counter funding and got 78,000 people cultivating rice (employment), Kwara Maigida took Kwara own, his media aide went to town shouting 'no FG can tell us how to spend it'. 

They went all the way to start one useless project or the other, all in preparation for 2019.While the farmers in Kebbi have sold their rice to Lagos state (LAKE RICE) and have moved on to increasing their farm size, Maigida is still battling with how to complete the misplaced priority called Ajase-Ipo Vocational Centre that has gulped nothing less than 1.5 Billion Naira but decaying away, and the most useless project ever in the past 6 six years of his tenure-Geri Alimi Bridge that won't provide a single sustainable job. Just like his leader-Bukola Saraki who constructed a 'walk-over 'bridge at the post office area with billions of naira but little to show for its usefulness.

While the Kebbi state Governor saw the potentials in processing by partnering with WACOT to provide a N10 billion rice mill that have a production capacity of 100,000 tons annually; silos for storing 18,000 tonnes of paddy and a warehouse for storing additional 12,000 tons of paddy. 

When operational, it is expected to generate direct and indirect employment for 3,500 people and its procurement will reach out to 50,000 farmers Maigida sees nothing wrong in wasting away the large rice farmland of Nupe Kingdom. Incidentally, their son in the SENATE House has gone there to rest-with no bill passed and no meaningful contribution made in the past two years. But he was seen at most court cases of Saraki. Those who are above 30 years of age will agree with that in those day there are just three very popular types of rice in Nigeria -foreign, abakaliki and Tapa rice. Today, courtesy of Saraki/Maigida's visionless tendencies, Tapa rice is still at same local position it was over three decades ago. Kwara money has been spent constructing things of little or no benefits to the masses rather than sustainable investment in agriculture, manufacturing, youth development and education.

Or which visionary government will make rehabilitation of a presidential guest house (that has not hosted any president but 'dendem') a priority when workers have not been paid? Which serious leader will do such a thing when the Ministry of Health's three 'state of the art' ambulances are nothing but moving coffin, except one? Such is the cluelessness of the Kwara ruler who couldn't manage an ordinary Kwara Hotel, when just an investor is managing Rock View Hotels scattered in few States. It is a shame that Kwara in their hands is not moving forward not staying at a particular position, but moving backward.

Kebbi state is not owing any salary and the state government didn't blame it on PMB whereas Kwara is owing pensioners, laid-off staff and civil servants (the blame of which has been transferred to the LG).The truth is the difference between these Governors is connection with the needs of the of the people and vision. While Kebbi's Governor seems to have a grasp of such. Same can’t be said of Kwara's Maigida.

But if you think a Maigida/ Saraki are the best thing to have happened to you and your family, best of luck to you and your family. 

If you think some of us are saying this stuffs because he is follower of Saraki, you need to have your head examined. At the end, no matter the influence a Saraki has on him. No matter the Saraki factor, he had an opportunity to take Kwara a step forward but is wasting it. Kwarans will still have it at the back of their mind and in the record of history that a Maigida was here to rule Kwara and never to lead. He will be remembered as a man who made it difficult for our children to access quality basic education, for our wives to access good health services and for our parents' inability to feed us. He will be remembered as a Governor who was clueless for 8 years had no idea of how to move Kwara forward. 

#Kwarans ain’t mumus
#Enough is enough
#Igbadie na loku
#Let everyone be sensitized 
Written by one of the emerging leaders in Kwara state by name Fatoki_Taiwo_Timmy. 

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