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Posted by Tobirichard - 01-04-2019, 04:46 AM
Worst courses with Terribly Low Employment Opportunities in Nigeria
[Image: people-2566201_960_720.jpg]
In the Nigerian universities, there are myriads of courses to study. Some of these courses are fully packed with a colossal number of employment opportunities that will prepare you for the rugged world of the job market in Nigeria. However, there are some courses found in the Nigeria universities that are so devoid of many employment opportunities; these courses provide to its graduate's very low employment opportunities which are extremely discouraging.

Knowing fully well that getting a great job in Nigeria of a six-figure structure is as hard as finding a needle in a haystack, this course may need to be reconsidered if you have a passion for them.

Well, without wasting so much of your time, I will provide you with the worst courses with terribly low job opportunities.

 These are the Worst Courses with Very Low Employment Opportunities in Nigeria
1.      Christian Religious Education

Christian religious education is one of the numerous course studied at Nigerian universities. Christian religious education is concerned with everything one needs to know about Christian practices. Christian religious knowledge is a course that tries to impact the deep knowledge about Christianity to its members

However, this is one of the worst courses to study if you are looking for a job that offers a 5-6 figure structure. There are only two employment opportunities that await graduates in the field of Christian religious knowledge. The first employment opportunity is to work in the church offering spiritual service and so on, the second employment opportunity is to disseminate the knowledge that you have acquired in primary schools, secondary schools and at the tertiary level, which is the teaching career.

I know that you already know that anybody can offer spirit services in the house of God, so reading Christian religious service is so ….
2.      Human Kinetics/ Physical Education

Human kinetics/physical education is a course that is concerned with staying fit especially the practice of exercises, being a good sportsman and so on. Human kinetics/ physical education offer very low employment opportunities. The employment opportunities of human kinetics/ physical education are found in sports and the teaching profession. Let be pragmatic here, some of the biggest footballers in the world like Christiano Ronaldo did not need a degree in physical education or human kinetics to be one of the biggest sports stars.

To be a national, local or international sportsman does not require any degree. In other words, you just go for it. Having the degree is practically more or less a waste of time.
3.      Educational Related Courses

Educational related courses include courses like Education physics, Education Biology, Education Economics, Education accounting and so on. These courses will offer you very low employment opportunities in Nigeria. As the name implies, graduates in the field are known as Educationalist. They are teachers. In other words, employment opportunities are only found in the teaching profession.

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