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Posted by web_medicus - 08-26-2017, 12:51 PM
Nigerians can surprise you a-times. I was searching the top websites in Nigeria and amazingly, after and the website is above facebook, youtube and
  • The most visited Website in Nigeria is with 7:49 Daily time on website, 8:21 Daily Pageviews per visitor and 3.7 Percent traffic from search.
  • The second most visited website in Nigeria is with 7:07 Daily Time on the website, 6:64 Daily Pageviews by visitors and 0.70% from search
    The Third website which amaze me is BET9JA.COM, How this website overthrew facebook is still unknown to me. But that means automatically, Nigerians are staying on bet9ja and visiting it more than That is Nigeria enjoy playing football betting than chatting on facebook. Mark Zuckerberg should introduce facebook bet too. I wish he can see this. Big Grin WaveyellowIn essence Bet9ja 21:07 Daily time on website, this is more x2 of the time spent on facebook and youtube summed together. 6:00 Daily Pageviews and %3.0 Traffic from search.What I am able to deduce here is that bet9ja is a website Nigerians dont even worry to search on google as they have it at the back of their head already.     
Daily Time isEstimated daily time on site (mm:ss) per visitor to the site. Updated daily based on the trailing 3 months.
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: Estimated daily unique pageviews per visitor on the site. Updated daily based on the trailing 3 months.
% of Traffic From Search: The percentage of all referrals that came from Search engines over the trailing month. Updated daily.