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Posted by emmyloaded - 09-25-2017, 01:19 PM
(09-25-2017, 06:50 AM)General Okoh Wrote:
(09-25-2017, 01:18 AM)emmyloaded Wrote: nice one it's hide user information

Its even more capable than hiding user information... Although a lot of free VPN and some paid dont support anonymous online fully...

Posted by web_medicus - 09-25-2017, 06:50 AM
(09-25-2017, 01:18 AM)emmyloaded Wrote: nice one it's hide user information

Its even more capable than hiding user information... Although a lot of free VPN and some paid dont support anonymous online fully...
Posted by emmyloaded - 09-25-2017, 01:18 AM
nice one it's hide user information
Posted by web_medicus - 09-24-2017, 07:31 PM
VPN is an essential software adopted by a lot of internet users. We earlier explained what a VPN is here. Internet users  Thumbup VPN due to the fact that the internet is becoming more insecure than it was in the early twenties.

Many VPN with different and amazing features are available in the market that an internet user can make use of. While some use VPN to visit banned websites, others, use it to create or run multiple accounts online, stay anonymous online etc. VPN is also widely used for business and personal purposes. 

We will like to start with the 5 major reasons internet users make use of Virtual Private Network (VPN)

1. Hide Online Activity
This point is self-explanatory, however, it should be noted that in the contemporary world, Internet Service Provider (eg. MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE, SPECTRANET, etc.) has all information of what you do over the internet. They have the record of your online activity, but they are banned to reveal the activity of a user online, except in a theft, terrorism issue and the likes.
With the help of VPN, you can hide your online activity from third parties. For example, your IP Address which can be traced to you. 
You can make use of VPN to hide your online activity, however, it should at the same time be noted that there is free and paid version of VPNs. Most often than not, the paid versions are the best. VPNs make sure that your connection from system to the internet are secured.

You can read more about how VPN work here
2. Access Blocked Websites
Blocking of websites is a popular trend when using a free wi-fi. For example, Youtube (and a-times, streaming online) may be blocked by your organization to reduce the subscription charges and at the same time, to make the data transmission faster.
Governments may decide to stop a website accessibility in a state or area, maybe, due to security reasons.  If you want to access such sites, GET A VPN?
In China, for example, you cant access facebook.

3. Use of Public (free) WI-FI
Who doesn’t like free stuff? Well, we all do! Blush
When it comes to public WIFI, you should be extra conscious. Who knows the intention of the free provider or who knows if the WIFI is not hacked.

In such case, we highly recommended using VPN to secure your personal data and other information.

4. Privacy
Privacy being a moral right for every individual is not a debate. However, online security is way hard to maintain.

So, to compensate both, VPN is the best solution. You can browse through any website you want and also maintain your privacy as well. Using a VPN is like visiting a website without an IP Address and other traceable data.

5. What about Competitors
This is just not limited to the competitors’ only but for researchers, journalist, etc. can also follow this. There is much stuff which you don’t want others to check and in such cases, VPN can be an ideal choice.

There were some of the top reasons to use VPN software.  It is a common misconception that VPN software should be used only for professional use but looking at the above points, one can say that it should be used by everyone. 

Do you use VPN? Which free or paid VPN can you recommend for Nigerians?
If VPN is widely spread, does that translate to more spread of scamming and Y.Y?