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Few days ago, We presented Airtel 0.0k free-browsing to users. Now Gistladen Presents to you new unlimited browsing that you can rock on your airtel.
We rock the Airtel unlimited 0.0k freebrowsing that was released few days ago and its duper fast!! This new one is also almost same

About the the airtel new unlimited browsing.
  • This new unlimited browsing works well on Operamini, Facebook Application and its Messenger and most importantly works on Whatsapp too.
  • It cost N300 only to subscribe to it
  • Its totally unlimited, I have download 2gb already
  • Its valid for 25 Days
  • Its official and unlike the 0.0k freebrowsing that got terminated few days ago, this one can be terminated
  • Its very fast, even more than Operamini default subscription on Airtel.
How to Subscribe for the Plan
  • To Subscribe for the plan make sure you have the minimum of N300 on your sim
  • Make sure you have Latest Operamini  (For fastest download), Facebook and Whatsapp
  • Simply Dial *688#
  • select 1 and reply the prompt
  • Make sure the 1 is labelled "Unlimited (N300, 25 Days)"
NOTE: Facebook Messenger Works Freely on Airtel

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There’s more than meets the eye for Mr Eazi’s recent
tweet about Ghanaians influencing Nigerian music.
And no matter how hard it is to swallow from all you
West African supremacists or the ‘I better pass Ghana
people’ lot, their influence on our music cannot be
denied. For more of this, read this article on Mr
Eazi and why his comments are interpreted as a
betrayal. »
But there’s a little group – perhaps not so little –
who believe that Mr Eazi is simply reacting the
emergence of Runtown’s ‘Mad Over You’, as the
leading song in the country. Runtown is currently
winning in 2017, and it’s all thanks to his latest single
‘Mad Over You’ .
From Port Harcourt to Zaria, the singer’s song is top
of the heap for the New Year, with turn of 2017
bringing it new penetration and fans. The video has
gained reportage across the world, and social media has
thrown its acceptance, with everyone finding new
positive spins to give the tune.
But the production, which is similar to what Eazi
championed all through 2016, is where the voices have
attacked. Fans say the song is a reaction to Eazi’s
hardwork in making the sound more viable at this
‘Mad Over You’ is a jam. A love themed song,
Runtown dips into a comfortable subject to produce a
great song. Self-produced, the new single draws
inspiration from the Ghanaian ‘Alkayida’ sound which is
reworked and repurposed for this project.
It’s a beautiful production, this one, and Runtown
harnesses all of his powers for this. It’s a mid-tempo
song which can coast through you initially, but
eventually grows and envelopes you with its synths,
mellow drum patterns and more. For the dancefloor,
the relativity of the single will definitely be a favourite
for rotation, and perhaps that is what the singer went
Mr Eazi is cool with this, and has covered the song,
dropping a loose verse on the beat before letting social
media run with it.
But Runtown, who can do no wrong at the moment
will have plans for a remix, and what better way to
grow it, if not to remix it. Runtown can shut down the
rumours by bringing it the fantastic recording prowess
and wave of Mr Eazi, while also throwing credit to the
parent influence of his sound, and gaining more fans in
the process by adding Sarkodie.
That way, he settles everything, while adding some
good money to his pockets.

On December 26, 2017 Adekunle Gold ’s contract
with Olamide’s YBNL expired.
The singer was signed on a two year deal in 2014, and
no extension was officially offered to make him extend
his stay with YBNL, a label that has been every inch
supportive of his career, and given him the creative
freedom to take his sound, run with it, and be
He has done just that. Adekunle Gold is successful in
music today due to his novel way of delivering Highife
music. The singer didn’t introduce a new sound, or
reinvented the wheel. He simply latched on to the very
basics of Highlife, which is enjoying a niche market,
and played with it on the mainstream.
Just like his source material, all of his music have told
stories that are relatable, immersive and inclusive of
every one. They have penetrated every imaginable
demographic by being democratic and positive.
God, love, hardwork and the goodness in all of us, is
what has become fodder for Adekunle’s creativity. And
he has been rewarded nicely. A debut album was
released in 2016, and continues to soar and generate
financial returns for everyone who is involved in it.
But like a thief in the night, the contract slowly wind
to an end. Adekunle Gold, with all of his fanbase,
profile and worth, is no longer legally tied to
Olamide’s YBNL.
All that is left for him in the house are the bonds of
friendship and the emotional attachment that he holds.
After all, this was the home of his success, and in that
journey, he has become brothers with the occupants of
the house.
But this is the music industry. A ruthless place, where
fortunes flip without warning, and tables turn with the
whims of gatekeepers and the fickle interest of the
Adekunle Gold understands that, and the fact that he
chose to run down his contract without seeking and
signing an extension is a signal of his intentions to
sever his umbilical cord from Olamide’s womb and
enter the world on his own.
No doubt he looks the way of Lil Kesh, who
uncoupled his business from YBNL after finding himself
in similar position. Although Kesh appeared to be
struggling for a while, he is finding his feet with new
single ‘ Shele gan gan’. He is chasing success again,
and Adekunle Gold sees that.
Should he resign? Should he not?
That’s the big question on everyone’s lips. Opinions on
this will be polarized, and here’s why.
An artiste leaving a label, resonates with everyone. It’s
like leaving home for the first time, and taking the risk
to release your parents of responsibilities.
The justification of the decision lies in you becoming a
success. If you win in life, it was a step in the right
direction. If you fail, your autopsy would be brutal and
damaging. Adekunle Gold is at that stage. Should he?
Should he not?
That’s no one’s place to answer. Only time determines

Hi, we have come again with new latest free browsing on MTN rocking madly on 4G and 3G sims.
This cheat was reported earlier by a member and it has been verified working perfectly :D .
This cheat was rocked around January last year with the same host and settings, but was later blocked by the giant telecommunication Network. Nigerians rocked this cheat last year like mad..... Gistlade is proud to present to you the new and latest configuration for the cheat.

As a Nigerian Student affected by recession, you will agree with me here that this 2017 is becoming more interesting like the earlier 2013 and 2015 when cheat was cheap to get then. 2016 is the year with less cheat so far....

Kindly join us and start to share your intellects with us too, it takes few minutes to register with us and few minutes to submit a post. You can register here

I know you are ready to rock the best MTN settings for free browsing right now......Below is the Requirements follow by the Configuration

  • Working and Registered MTN Sim
  • Psiphon VPN, Psiphon A+ or any other VPN mode.
After downloading or installing psiphon or any other VPN successfully procceed to input the following configuration
  • Go to your APN settings and make sure its at MTN Default settings.
  • Launch your psiphon VPN and configure it like this below:
  • Tick Remove port
  • Proxy type: Real host
  • Proxy server:
  • Real proxy type - Default
  • Real proxy port - 80
[Image: Screenshot_2017_01_11_14_02_56.png]

[*]After doing the above, click on save and and select USA as your country region. (DONT CONNECT YET)

  • Navigate to Options.
  • Then go to MORE OPTIONS and configure it like this below.
  • Tick on connect through an HTTP Proxy
  • Tick use the following settings and configure as:

Host address -

Port - 8080.

After doing the above then click on connect. And feel the speed of most largest telecommunication company in Nigeria: MTN

If you have any issues while connecting, Don't forget to like, share and drop your comment guys

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Nigeria currently is facing economic recession and to afford to buy Android fuel i.e megabyte today is a problem to an average Nigerian. presents to you to get the best megabyte at the best price ad fastest speed.
I introduce to you Etisalat EasyCliq Campus Data!!!
With Etisalat Easycliq campus data, you'll enjoy best value of money data plans. The offer will allow u subscribe to some selected data plans at a dismounted price, which is usable within campus in Nigeria.
The data plans are only available to Etisalat users on easy cliq alone and can be subscribed using ussd codes.


Firstly, migrate to Etisalat Easy clip tarriff plan by dialing *244*1#

The available bundles for this plan are :

1. The three (3) days bundle plan

2. The seven (7) days bundle plan

Data Plans
1. 200MB for N100, dail *609*1# valid for 3 days

2. 500MB for N250, dail *609*2# valid for 7 days

3. 1GB for N500, dail *609*3# valid for 7 days

All data plans works on all devices.

NOTE: You can buy the bundles as many times as possible. But remember that each new bundle purchased will replace the existing bundle & extend the validity.
Thanks for reading, kindly share with friends... You can register, join us and post threads to our forums. ..