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World First Tripple Sim Rugged Device, Stone V3 - web_medicus - 04-12-2017

This will be handy to those who have multiple sim chip and wish to have it all embedded in one smartphone. This phone is the world’s first triple SIM rugged phone. It is extremely strong and the price is incredibly cheap.

[Image: stone%2B3.png]

The new Stone 3 from VK world comes with a rugged design, dustproof, waterproof and supports FM radio; 2.4inch display, Android operating system, 3000mAh battery and only support 2G network. 

1.       Upgrade to IP68 water-proof dust-proof
2.       Triple SIM support, triple standby
3.       2MP camera
4.       Imported earphone and microphone from South Korea
5.       Aerospace rubber exterior
6.       Bigger keyboard, friendly UI, bigger font
7.       Brand-new back cover design
8.       Improved BOX speaker, louder volume
9.       Support for 15 languages
10.   Android OS.

You can pick it up at AliExpress for just $19.99 (7,996). This phone will be suitable for Airtel 200 for 2GB