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BRIBERY IS BLOOD MONEY - web_medicus - 05-07-2017

The Assistant Corps Marshal and Zonal Commanding Officer, Zone 2, Federal Road Safety Corps, Mr. Shehu Zaki, addresses TOBI AWORINDE on the vital crossroads in his vocation 

What roused you to join the Federal Road Safety Corps? 
I have never had any working knowledge anyplace other than the FRSC in light of the fact that, that was the primary work environment of my vocation. I was one of the pioneer staff of the association in 1988 when we moved on from the college. We were the main harvest of officers to be enrolled into the administration. The open door dropped by and I joined the association for my first working background, having moved on from the college. When I took up the arrangement, it was exciting for (me as) a youthful graduate to be required in law implementation employments. That gave us a considerable measure of energy to carry out the occupation. Most likely in light of the fact that we felt that we didn't have much weight on our shoulders, we felt that we could go on campaigns or experience into any work that came our direction. That was the means by which I got into street security. 

Did you consider something related in school? 
I haven't perused anything identifying with r. Truth be told, (out of) the greater part of the primary arrangement of officers that were enrolled into the administration in 1988, I question if there was anyone that went to the college to peruse road safety. All things considered, road safety is a multidisciplinary work. You discover building in it. You discover sociologies in it, and even expressions. We as a whole came in with different controls. Some accompanied history, others with science. Some came as architects; a wide range of individuals, and this is what is required in this sort of occupation since it is multidisciplinary. 

What precisely did you think about for your first degree and in what college? 
I read history and went to then University of Sokoto (now Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto). 

How has your investigation of history been of advantage to you in FRSC? 
Much the same as what I have let you know, with the exception of now that we've begun seeing a few colleges and polytechnics offering some certificate courses in road safety or transportation as a general course, there wasn't anything like that. Thus, the vast majority of us came in with our different foundations. History, as you probably are aware, is the investigation of past, present and future, so you can't state it won't have any pertinence in what we are doing today since knowing the past, present and future, it will have an incredible part to play in street security too. 

That has helped me extraordinarily. Other than that, when you are taking up an arrangement, you must be subjected to preparing, which each one of us experienced and that was essentially preparing in street security. That gave us a stage whereupon we began the occupation. Furthermore, from 1988 to today, we have assembled enough involvement over the span of the employment, ideal from being an administrator to the season of being a chairman, which has given us a ton of use in completing the occupation of street security. 

What is the most passionate experience you have had at work? 
I began work in Benin in the old Bendel State (now Edo State). The primary experience I had in the FRSC was the point at which I encountered a street car accident including demise, passing of a person, as well as of such a large number of Nigerians. That was the first occasion when I saw a mishap including an extravagance transport where practically everyone in that extravagance transport kicked the bucket. We were battling with a circumstance where we must pick body parts of the assortment of people. That was my first experience on this occupation; I can state I cut my teeth on that since it gave me a ton of fearlessness to get ready myself and go into the employment that needs to do with things that are extremely troublesome, things that need to do with life and demise. After that mischance, a number of us chose not to proceed with the occupation since it was our first experience. Not every one of us leaving college as new graduates could deal with going over such monstrous passings out and about. What's more, not simply passings, you would discover bodies mangled on the interstates and need to pick bits of human parts and place them in a sack. It truly gave us beginning stage involvement. That was the principal encounter that molded my choice in the matter of whether to proceed in the administration or not. Over the span of my employment, I have seen a few passings and wounds for just about 30 years. 

What penances have been made by the FRSC since commencement? 
Indeed, even without letting you know, you realize that FRSC is noted for its honesty. I'm not saying that it is as yet the way it used to be previously. Yet, FRSC is as yet an association that can stand up anyplace and say it has paid its contribution in this nation is as yet paying (its levy), as in we have attempted however much as could be expected to do what is anticipated from us and for individuals to feel happy with what we are doing. One of the penances is that we have been enticed with rewards every one of these years yet one has attempted to turn it down so as not to enable that to be a piece of one's character since cash is something everyone needs to get. In any case, then, we felt appropriate from the earliest starting point that we owe this country an obligation and we ought to attempt however much as could be expected to deny anything that won't just stain our picture additionally the picture of our association. We have attempted every one of these years to carry on that path so as not to double-cross Nigeria and ourselves since whatever you do is unquestionably going to tail you. What's more, influence cash, as we as a whole know, is blood cash. On the off chance that you gather it, certainly, there is a method for paying it back. We have opposed this throughout the years and I feel that it is something worth proceeding with. In the event that for over 27 years, you have not enjoyed something, is it somewhere in the range of couple of years that are left that you will enjoy that? 

Actually, have you been drawn nearer with an influence? 
For me to disclose to you that I've not been drawn nearer, then I am being prudent with reality. Unquestionably, throughout the years, individuals must have at one time or the other accompanied such temptation, more than once. I revealed to you I began as a watch officer, so you ought to anticipate that individuals will offer me influence. 

Is there any occurrence you can recollect? 
There was a period some person came at our watch point. Having seen the way we treated him, he chose to offer us some cash out of his desire. It was a gigantic measure of cash since it was wrapped, yet I needed to let him know, 'No, we don't acknowledge cash since we can be sought whenever. I didn't request this cash and it is not coming to me as an influence. You chosen to offer it to me, having appreciated what I have done to you. To me, I think it is legitimate yet I can't acknowledge the cash. I won't take it.' And I kept each colleague tolerating that cash. 

Did the driver confer an offense? 
He conferred an offense and we had effectively completed with him. We had as of now discharged him when he felt that he needed to reward us for what we were doing. It is something that we were not raised with in the corps. We began with a culture that we ought to dislike anything (that needs to do with gathering) cash while out and about. Along these lines, it has never jumped out at me that I ought to gather anything from anyone. I am a cheerful man today that I have driven my existence without it regardless i'm surviving, showing improvement over anybody that supposes they can't get by without influence cash.