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How to vote EPL manager and player of the year - web_medicus - 05-15-2017

Welcome to all the football fans on the forum. The English Premier League has as of now been won by Chelsea with two games remaining after what was truly an effective season for the blues. Despite the fact that the race for the main 4 finishers are going route last possible minute and clubs like Sunderland, Middleburg, and Hull City have as of now being regulated, the concentration now moves to individual awards. 

So you now have the opportunity to vote in favor of your best player of the season or coach of the season and this you can do online from your web empowered cell phones, tablets, portable PCs and even desktop. 

Obviously, the champions are all around spoken to in the nomination for the Premier League's season grants. 

Having dealt with his side to the title in his initially season in England, Antonio Conte is assigned for Manager of the Season, having won the month to month grants for October, November and December. 

Eden Hazard, Cesar Azpilicueta and N'Golo Kante (the French midfielder having officially won the PFA and Footballer Writers' honors) have all been selected for the EA Sports Player of the Season grant. Danger won the Premier League month to month grant back in October. 

A portion of the players and managers selected for the awards are Delle Ali, Harry Kane, Porchetino all of Tortinham. Ibrahimovics of Manchester United, Rumelu Lukkaku of Everton, Alexis Sanchez of Arsenal, Sadiu Mané of Liverpool and others 

The champs are chosen by a mix of fans' votes and the perspectives of a specialist board... 

To vote for your favorite player or coach, click the below link: