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Does reliable or trusted news source exist? Join the conversation!! - web_medicus - 05-20-2017

Recently, a news was spread online that The Join Admission and Matriculation Board have extend registration of candidates to May 28, 2017. 

The news was seen in most trusted and reliable Nigeria online blogs, which for security and economic reasons, I won’t like to mention. 

It should be noted that the Examination Body on May 19 while addressing the press debunks the news to have been fake and this led to this question:

Does reliable or trusted news source exist? 

Even some of the leading newspaper's blog online published the news (that can be termed as unverified and fake news) on there blog. 

Quote:How sure are we that there is real news or reliable source of news in this contemporary world if news dispensers fail to verify news? 

In decision making process and policy formulation process, value judgement and human beliefs have organized effects. News is not an exception; reporters value judgement and beliefs will surely affect their reports. Even news editors value judgement will affect the news of a news publishing or dispensing organization. 

…It doesn’t depend either the news is verified or not. This is global era, to verify some news take times. And the world time is timeless.

Quote:Can we now agree that top ranking blogs that publish the news are still reliable? Can we agree that those that publish the news or threads debunking the news are reliable?

What determines how reliable or trusted a news is mentioned above. I have visited a blog (let’s call it BLOG A) before that in most of their post they are pro-IPOB protests while another blog (let’s call this BLOG B) is against IPOB protests. This will be seen clearly that the two blogs news or posts is affected by their own personal beliefs and value judgement. In essence someone that is pro-Biafran if he visits BLOG A will find the posts and threads of the blog reliable and trusted. If such person visits BLOG B, he will surely term the BLOG unreliable.

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