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How to charge new phones for stronger battery - web_medicus - 06-04-2017

How many hours do I charge my new phone or battery for is a noteworthy question somebody sent to me and I chose to bring it down here in light of the fact that I know we as a whole have diverse perspectives about this. A few of us don't considerably try to charge the telephone once the sales representative convey it, we simply proceed with usage until it's out of power. While some will turn it off and charge it before using. 

Which one is satisfactory
Here is my own particular counsel, deplete the new battery to beneath 5% [probably 1-5%] and after that keep it for full charge[100%] interestingly, along these lines you will sort of adjust the new battery's energy and design it's ability. 

How long do you charge your new cell phone before use? Do you use your cell phone while charging or you turn it off? 

Specialists exhorted that A gadget ought to be off while charging. This enables the battery to achieve the edge voltage unhindered and achieve a low immersion current when full. A parasitic load befuddles the charger.