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Should singer leave Olamide after his contract expires?
On December 26, 2017 Adekunle Gold ’s contract
with Olamide’s YBNL expired.
The singer was signed on a two year deal in 2014, and
no extension was officially offered to make him extend
his stay with YBNL, a label that has been every inch
supportive of his career, and given him the creative
freedom to take his sound, run with it, and be
He has done just that. Adekunle Gold is successful in
music today due to his novel way of delivering Highife
music. The singer didn’t introduce a new sound, or
reinvented the wheel. He simply latched on to the very
basics of Highlife, which is enjoying a niche market,
and played with it on the mainstream.
Just like his source material, all of his music have told
stories that are relatable, immersive and inclusive of
every one. They have penetrated every imaginable
demographic by being democratic and positive.
God, love, hardwork and the goodness in all of us, is
what has become fodder for Adekunle’s creativity. And
he has been rewarded nicely. A debut album was
released in 2016, and continues to soar and generate
financial returns for everyone who is involved in it.
But like a thief in the night, the contract slowly wind
to an end. Adekunle Gold, with all of his fanbase,
profile and worth, is no longer legally tied to
Olamide’s YBNL.
All that is left for him in the house are the bonds of
friendship and the emotional attachment that he holds.
After all, this was the home of his success, and in that
journey, he has become brothers with the occupants of
the house.
But this is the music industry. A ruthless place, where
fortunes flip without warning, and tables turn with the
whims of gatekeepers and the fickle interest of the
Adekunle Gold understands that, and the fact that he
chose to run down his contract without seeking and
signing an extension is a signal of his intentions to
sever his umbilical cord from Olamide’s womb and
enter the world on his own.
No doubt he looks the way of Lil Kesh, who
uncoupled his business from YBNL after finding himself
in similar position. Although Kesh appeared to be
struggling for a while, he is finding his feet with new
single ‘ Shele gan gan’. He is chasing success again,
and Adekunle Gold sees that.
Should he resign? Should he not?
That’s the big question on everyone’s lips. Opinions on
this will be polarized, and here’s why.
An artiste leaving a label, resonates with everyone. It’s
like leaving home for the first time, and taking the risk
to release your parents of responsibilities.
The justification of the decision lies in you becoming a
success. If you win in life, it was a step in the right
direction. If you fail, your autopsy would be brutal and
damaging. Adekunle Gold is at that stage. Should he?
Should he not?
That’s no one’s place to answer. Only time determines

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