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Three major types of SEO
It should be noted that there are three major types of Search Engine Optimization and two major techniques of Search Engine Optimization. In the course of this article, our objective is to write on the types of SEO however, you can read what SEO is and await our next article on the techniques and their relationships.
Firstly, What is Search Engine Optimization?
Quote:Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short, is a set of rules that can be followed by website administrators or owners to optimize their websites for search engines and thus improve their search engine rankings. Continue Reading...
 [Image: 1_27_10_17_12_05_26.jpeg]
  • White hat Search Engine Optimization is the first and most used type of SEO that is legitimate. It’s a method that’s utilized to improve search engine rankings of a website which do not take the back-door means of getting the rankings. It's legitimate because the technique that will be used here does not violate the privacy policy and terms and conditions of search engines.
    This SEO type is legitimate because it follows Search Engines algorithms and does not aim at exploiting the loopholes in the in by Search Engines. Whitehat SEO make use of some techniques which areA.     High-quality contentB.      Restructuring and manual outreach research.C.      Making the website fast by optimizing the speed.D.      making navigations easier for users and search engine bots.E.        making website responsive on almost all screens, etcWhen this method of SEO is utilized it is noted that you will get a gradual and steady but lasting growth in rankings.
Quote:In short, “White hat SEO refers to the most legitimate practices adhered by the marketers to gain higher rankings in the search engine result pages”. It should also at the same time noted that it abide by the Search Engines guideline for Search Engine Optimization which will make the results slow but lasting!
  • Blackhat Search Engine Optimization is the second type of SEO used majorly by crackers. This type of Search Engine Optimization is interested in exploiting algorithms or Search Engines loopholes in order to rank higher in search engine results page. This type of SEO is illegitimate because it's not in accordance with guidelines set by search engines and most especially, Google!
    The result of Blackhat SEO is faster than that of whitehat SEO and in this case, the result doesn’t stay long at all. Some of the black hat SEO includesa.       Keyword stuffing.b.      Hidden text.c.       Hidden Link.d.      Spam Links.e.      Cloaking.When you choose this method (Black hat SEO), you can expect unpredictable, quick but short lasting growth in ranking because this practice aims at misleading the users and redirecting to websites that they didn’t vouch for.It should be noted that whats needed majorly using this method is traffic and at the same time the traffic does not last nor the rankings ability to maintain a top position at search engine results list. In short, it can be concluded that rankings achieved using Blackhat SEO are short lived!
  • Grey hat SEO is a kind of SEO which is neither black nor white. This technique does not fully use the white hat SEO nor the black. Here in, the two other major methods will be utilized interchangeably. Grey hat SEO may come in due to pressure from the website or an organization (clients) to deliver better results, some Search Engine Optimization companies may practice Grey hat SEO to some extent. It should, however, be noted that Grey hat SEO is somewhere between the black and the white!
Now you should be able to distinguish between the three types of SEO and the best for you. Don’t forget that the result live is very important and should be put into consideration!
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