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What if the president elect and deputy die before or after inauguration?
This is one of the unpopular political question. It's not that people know it but I think people fear to ask it. 
This question have cause a chat tussle between me and another user. So I decided to throw out the question to Nigerians. 

May God forbid, what's the constitutional position in case a president and his deputy die before or after swear-in?
However the post of the President can't be vacant for an hour.

What will happen if such case happen? Who will take over? The Senate President will take over as the acting? The Speaker of the house of rep? Or someone will be selected from the Senate? Or a minister?

Your reply means a lot to Nigerians. I am not the only one that doesn't know that constitional position of this. Others don't too. Kindly share your intellect with fellow Nigerians 
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