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How Best To Kill Your Husband

It is a shame that we are now living in a world where married couples no longer respect the sacredness, sanctity, and purity of marriage. The marriage institution is now turning into a children’s playground: the union of today is more of a cat and mouse union; two individuals who are forcing themselves to live together in anger, bitterness, battery, frustration, unfaithfulness, adultery, and greed as the order of the day. Oh! What a pity, this cankerworm has eaten deep into many homes, both young and old marriages are greatly suffering from lack of love, peace, unity, and harmony, thus driven many women into frustration and many men out of their homes, with the rate of divorce multiplying each passing day.

The world is rapidly turning into something else. Women have the habits of killing their husband when frustration is high. Many women kill their husbands in the sleep such as the case of Maryam Sanda, who allegedly but gradually poisoned her husband to death while others have the habit of going to native doctors to kill their husbands.
Now the question is how do women kill their husbands?
In a survey, it has been revealed that most women who attempt to kill their husbands are not happy with their marriages, especially with their husbands. The factor of jealousy in women stirs up when they find out that their husbands are looking at other women outside or having extra-marital affairs, lack of attention or conjugal satisfaction, battery and greed.
The predominant reason why women behave the way they do in most cases is due to an extra-marital affair. Now, if the husband is leaving you at home to go after young girls outside or other women, what you should think of is not how to kill him but rather sit down as the woman and ask yourself some questions like: ‘where have I missed it?’ ‘What are other women out there doing that you are not doing’ and think of ways to improve on yourself and bring your husband back home and if you are afraid of your husband bringing in another woman into your home then you have to play your cards well.
Keeping your home and your husband away from lions and home wreckers is not an easy task because men will always be men and it is difficult to find a well-disciplined, committed and faithful man.
But if you must kill your husband for any reason, then here are the easiest and fastest ways to kill your husband. Kill him with what I call “super killer weapons”. These weapons are so strong and can kill a man within the twinkle of an eye.
Weapon No 1: Kill him with good food because the adage that says “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is very much active even until today. Good cooking, good food, and a good relish meal can capture a man’s heart. If you want to kill your husband then you have to master the art of cooking, take total control of your kitchen and ensure that whatever you cook makes him happy when he tastes your food. One secret that women don’t know is that when a man is not happy with the kind of food his wife prepares for him then he goes out to eat from other women and when your husband starts eating from other women then it is a sorry story because you have lost him to that woman. Naturally, the man will like to be with that woman that gives him good food and attention and before you know it he won’t like staying at home again. Therefore, good food has the power to keep your husband in your hands. He will always rush back from work to eat your meal. Good food is a social binder.
Weapon No 2: Kill him in bed.
There is no point being hypocritical about this. Unfortunately, people don’t like talking about sexual affairs in marriage. There is no need to be too religious about it. After all sexual pleasures and desires were created by God for married people. As a wife, it is your duty to ensure that you satisfy your husband in all aspects of matrimony. Always make him not only want and desire you but crave for you each time he thinks about you. Be skillful and creative. Do not stereotype yourself, after all, he is your husband and you didn’t borrow him for the night. You should take him to the moon and back because once you are able to satisfy him, there is nothing any woman can do to take him away from you.
Weapon No 3: keep the romance up
As a woman, you need to do things that will sweep husband off his feet. Every man no matter how old and hard he is is a baby in disguise and he takes note of everything you do no matter how little it is, even though most times they don’t want to show it. You should be able to wow him, surprise him with gifts, organize surprise birthdays for him, treat him out, develop an interest in what he loves doing. If he is a football fan then learn to develop an interest in football, and if he is a businessman then get interested in business and surprise him with the best meal even when he is not expecting such.
Weapon No 4: Respect
Respect in all situations, positions, and circumstances. Every man loves respect and wants that kingly respect from a woman. In the same vein, a woman who respects her husband is always celebrated and wins it all. Your husband will surely look out if all you do is to be rude, disrespectful and disregard him always. You should understand that every man has his ego and pride and will not want it to be trampled upon. As a wife, you should learn to pretend to be a fool not because you know you are right but because you respect him and for the sake of peace. Learn to keep calm even when angered, do not raise your voice on him no matter the provocation.
Weapon No 5: Good looks
Because you are a married woman doesn’t mean you should lose your dress sense or start looking like an old woman. Even older men appreciate good looks. Dress to impress your husband; once you are inside the house dress good, smell nice, ensure your hair is neatly braided, cut your nails, shave your armpits, wear clothes that make you look young, when you are going out on a date, outings or visits with him always look good and impressive. In fact, your outfit should complement his. Every man wants a good looking wife who he can present in public and even show off to his friends and colleagues and will not feel embarrassed or ashamed to introduce you to others as his wife. Men are easily carried away with good looks. If your husband enjoys going to places with his secretaries or prefers to go alone to gatherings where he ought to attend then, you have to check your self, its either you are lagging behind in terms of good dressings or you don’t comport yourself well in gatherings. So kill him with good looks.
Weapon No 6: Be a support system/encourager
A woman that cannot support her husband is nothing but an empty matchbox. A good wife who doesn’t want to share her husband with another woman should learn to be her husband’s support system. In fact, she should be his personal assistant on every issue and also his adviser. You should be good at lifting up his spirit when he is down instead of nagging at him and picking issues; you should encourage him when he is going through rough times.
Weapon No 7: Prayer
When there is a woman to pray, there is God to answer. A prayerful wife is a powerful wife; prayer is the greatest weapon you can ever use to safeguard your marriage and keep your home. A prayer-less woman is a candidate for failure. You need to pray without stopping as far as your husband is concerned. Never stop praying for his job, his day-to-day affairs, his friends, family, and relations. You may not know but your prayer goes a long way in keeping him away from diverse temptations out there.  Your prayer is your greatest weapon to kill your husband.
Weapon No 8: Humility and submission
Nobody visits a house with wild, unchained barking dogs and the neck will forever be below the head. If your attitude is likened to that of a hungry lion or a mad dog then be sure to lose your husband and your home. A humble woman easily pierces through a man’s heart. One of the core tenets of marriage for women is submission; it doesn’t matter how powerful and influential you are; it doesn’t matter if your income is higher than that of your husband. You are meant to submit to him at all times. Don’t expect to choke him with loads of arrogance, pride, disrespect, and insults and expect him to love you unconditionally and keep coming back to you. A wise woman uses her hand and intellect to build her home while a foolish woman uses her hand to destroy her home.

By Sani Rachael Ojoma; a Corp member with The Triumph Newspapers
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