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World Water Day (Kabojie)
[Image: img-20180322-wa0000-1837050454.jpg?w=1100]Dear Environpreneurs, 

March 22 is a day set aside by the UN (United Nations) to commemorate the importance of water in our everyday lives. Clean water and sanitation is the sixth out of the seventeen sustainable development goals (SDGs) enshrined in the UN global goals to be attained from (2015-2030), to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. So at this point I’m saying HAPPY WORLD WATER DAY! to you all and also using this medium to advocate for clean and sustainable water for both mankind and nature.

As a way of celebrating this day I decided to write a poem and I hope you will love it[Image: 1f60d.svg]!!!

Water! Water!! Water!!!
The river was clear and smelled so clean, when the flow seemed so endless and wild. Now the water is too dirty for me to fetch.
Water! Water!! Water!!!
The water cooled my drinks and also warmed my teas, it was the best I had. But now the water is vile and scummy to my health.
Water! Water!! Water!!!
The rain made my yard look green, from the grass up to the trees; it was so long ago that it seems like a dream. Now the place seems so foul and decayed due to pollution.
[Image: 1f332.svg]Celebrate everyday as water [Image: 1f332.svg]

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