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Help!!! I married the monster in my dreams. .how do I get out?
Hello Jzhane,

Am just going to go straight to the point. My aunty showed me a story you put up on your facebook page last week. I read the immense support that people have given to the person who wrote the post. That is why I am writing you to post mine too.

I have moved out of my home as I write this. I have not been speaking with my husband for a week now and I have been praying to God to grant me the wisdom to handle this matter and let His perfect will be done in my life. I am married with a little girl who will be one in August this year. However,my three year marriage with my husband may just have come to an end except God performs a miracle.

When I was in the university. Precisely, Uniport, I was raped when I was in 200 level. I went to a party organized by a class mate. It was an all night party. I was in the company of my girlfriends. Very late at night,when most people were drunk and messing up,a friend of mine,Dorathy asked me to join the VIP section at the party. I was foolish and young. I just enjoyed the idea of being among the happening girls at the time. We joined a group of people partying at the VIP section of the party. We had some more drinks. Before long,a guy was trying to feel me out. I refused. I dont know why I expected him to know better but he and a few other guys ended having their way with me that night. That night was a horrible night for me. More than six guys took turns with me. I never talk about that night. I almost died. I was rushed to the hospital the next day and was in admission for a month or so. I gave my life to God after I survived that incident. I moved to Rivers state university after the tragic event. I started afresh after I stayed at home for one year.

I never speak of that incident. I was ashamed. I felt a victim for so long. Eventually,I pushed all that behind me. That was 12 years ago. I did my MsC in UK. That's where I met my husband, Pere. Pere schooled in Uniport. He graduated from the engineering department. I met him at a church service in the UK. We dated and courted for two years before our wedding. Pere is nice,loving and hardworking man. I love him. Last week,we attended a wedding ceremony of one of Pere's cousins here in the UK. I ran into my..... and comment on full story on the blog :

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