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Help!!! Who Is Under A Spell (juju):her Fiance Or The Woman's Husband?
Hello Jzhane,

First of all,I want to say well done for having such a wonderful platform. I want to encourage to keep doing more because you are really blessing many lives and I am one of such people. God bless your hustle dear.

Ok,my best friend needs your help/advice. She is in serious relationship mess at the moment. She dated this guy in her office for almost one and a half years before things went south. A year and a half ago,this man was with his wife but things were not working fine. He had been married for four years and no children. According to rumors,he was the problem,the reason why they couldn't have children. Something like low sperm count. That caused a lot of strain on their marriage until the fourth year.

The man began to confide in my friend about the issues he was having with his wife. She used to be like his confidant till they became quite close. But she refused to date him when he made advances at her cos he was still married. After a while,the woman moved out of the man's house. That was when my friend agreed to start dating him. He had said that he had filed for a divorce from his wife and was awaiting the finalization. This kept on going for almost 18 months. Every time my friend brought up the issue of divorce,the man would say he is on it.

My friend has introduced this man to her parents,her friends. Every body knows them as they are engaged. They have ..... and comment on full story on the blog :
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