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HOT Righteous Lust (Episode 1) -Amazing!!!
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You got to school Holy Ghost filled and as a virgin, you promised God you were going to burn for him and He ignited you because you provided yourself as a living sacrifice (you provide the fire and I provide the sacrifice #Hillsongs), then you met this tall, handsome, fair guy. In an instance something struck me to a standstill as I was walking to the school auditorium. What was about this guy? I couldn’t fathom. 

Has it been in one of the movies I had watched or have I seen him in reality before. No!!! I said to myself, because this guy standing here was more like an ancient Greek god than human……….hmmm. What manner of beauty I thought. I know what you are thinking, and your guess is sure right.

For once in my life I wished the ground could just open and swallow me up. I felt my lungs swell within me as he drew nearer, guess it was as a result of my inability to breath, JESUS!!! Is this how it feels..  That thing called LOVE OR WHATEVER IT IS AT FIRST SIGHT. I was so naive, inexperienced, jeez…I was visibly shaking. My mom never discussed about this with me, what was I to do, what was I to say, should I smile and act all nice, or act strict.

Before I could reach a conclusion I heard him speak…..”HI”… It felt like the whole world was crushing under my feet and the only thing I could remember doing was looking down at my toes…hmmmm…who is this guy and what atmosphere of friendship was he going to bring to my life

I want you all to understand something, am not sharing this lady’s story for the fun of it; because the truth is I was really touched deeply, and it has changed my perspective about life……………………..Enjoy!!!

#You can’t afford to miss episode 2 for your favorite meal.

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