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12 Reasons Why Super Eagles Will Win World Cup
As the Super Eagles campaign for the 2018 FIFA world cup glory in Russia, let me assure you that they will win, for some very obvious and other not too obvious reasons that I will enumerate:

1. For the first time in many years, the Nigerian football team went to a major tournament without any pre-tournament players' accident or scandal. Remember the Etim-Essien gunshot saga?

2. There was no logistics hiccup. We do not need Aliko Dangote to ferry them in his private jet because the team handlers could not book on time or pay for some regular flight.

3. The administrators got it right with the deal that led to the celebrated jersey and the positive effect on the team and should not be discounted.

4. Nigeria went to the tournament with a better understanding of the game and the rules. Remember why Nigeria did not go to the world cup in Germany in 2006?

5. The Nigerian team went to the tournament without forgetting the players' passports, kits, and other essentials.

6. The team arrived in Russia on time, and have comported themselves as great ambassadors so far.

7. The Nigerian team is in the tournament without any fight on match bonus, appearance fees, and other financial squabbles.

8. The Nigerian Skipper is fit to play and is going to play. He is not appearing to make up a specific number of world cup appearance record.

9. Nigeria will be playing its matches supported by the orchestra of the Nigerian football supporters association that combines noise with dance, drama, music, entertainment, and exhibition in one package. They always unsettle major teams with their modulated cacophony.

10. Nigeria's historical regional tormentors - Ghana will not be at the 2018 World Cup.

11. The Federal Government will declare as many holidays as is necessary for Nigerians to sit at home and support their darling team, they advance further in the competition.

12. I am praying for the team, because according to James 5:16b "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much"

Your team needs you to re-subscribe and add a Football Channel to your TV subscription so that you can support and witness their well-prepared campaign for global glory.

Go! Super Eagles, Go!! SF, his friends, and all Nigerians are behind you. Go!!!
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