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An Open Letter to Ekiti Governor-Elect, Dr. Kayode Fayemi by Joseph Sunday Owolabi

Dear sir,
Let me start by  congratulating you on your win in the recently concluded Ekiti State  gubernorarial election, I hope this privilege given  will not land the people of Ekiti in an ocean of regrets. As a patriotic  and progressive Ekiti state Youth I cannot hold back  the urge to write this letter.

Ekiti State has 16 local Governments with population of about  2,384,212 people, with the most Significant percentage of this population struggling to earn a subsistent living. However, my passionate plea  is not for a personal gain but to remind you of  the outgoing Administration's position on issues of health, poverty, education and my focal point "entrepreneurship development", these individual components formed the fulcrum around which our collective development and glory as a nation revolve. 

Sir, I will  not always be reminded to say that nothing has been more pleasant to me recently than the news of your emergence as the governor-elect,  this is because I know of your unconditional devotion to unceasingly protect the interest of the people of Ekiti . In many of your words, Your Eminence has always reiterated your unfaltering devotion to putting your State and your country  first. Sir, I am a fan of your confession for being for Ekiti people and, today, I seek to invoke that spirit of selflessness and dedication to the  good of Ekiti people  to seek your favour pro bono publico (for the public good).

We the people of Ekiti  have given you the mandate to serve us  again, this is because we are aware of your intentions and your actualisations during your first tenure as a governor,  though most of your policies were  short-lived. This mandate is a call for rescue, a call to Reformation, transformation, and honest service. Your last tenure may not be a perfect one, but the route taken is why we fee you deserved  a second  chance. 

I personally believe that  second chances are always the best shots to be taken. So I  humbly ask that you  take the best shot, prove to the people of Ekiti and the nation at large  that what I personally believe and stand for is right. 

I want to also remind you  that you did not emerge victorious because of the political party you belong to, as there was much more than partisan politics in the election, therefore, I humble ask that your loyalty should be to the populace and not the party. Yes you emerged triumph under the platform, but the party didn't vote for you, the people did, as such they  deserve to be served   wholeheartedly. Though the election was criticised on so many grounds Nation wide,  what we as your people stand to gain at the end of your tenure is what will tell whether or not you deserved our mandate.

As I said earlier, Ekiti state has a population of about 2.4 million wonderful, peace loving, talented people and has the highest  literacy  level  in the country, but it is so unfortunate that this does not in anyway translate to development in the state. The politics of Ekiti state so far has been nothing to write home about, the political arena of the state is filled with selfish, lousy and greedy political Gladiators, who are bent on doing nothing but destabilizing and exploiting the masses for personal gain, taking advantages of the previlege to serve, to loot public treasury. 

May I humbly ask that your Administration take every issue serious but pay more attention to Entrepreneurship Development  which is my focal point.

Entrepreneurship is an important factor in the development of any nation. Entrepreneurs are responsible for taking calculated risks that open up doors to progressively higher levels of economic growth. If it were not for them, the world would never have known such marvels as the wheel, electricity or the Internet..Entrepreneurs are the veritable backbone on which the world and modern ideas continue to develop. The magnitude and reach of their contributions, however, extend much beyond the world of business and economy, and to them goes irrefutable credit for the growth and evolution of societies at large. Developed nations across the world owe their current prosperity to the collective effort of intrepid entrepreneurs, on whose innovation also rests the future prosperity of much of the developing world.

Since it is nearly impossible for  the Government to provide jobs for every one, then it is rational for the government to support and encourage entrepreneurship, not just by teaching skill acquisition programs,  financial assistance  should accompany such programs. For Nigeria to reap the full benefits of a dynamic and evolving economy, however, we require the overcoming of entrenched social, financial and political hurdles. The government must work towards it.

Unemployment in Ekiti is on the rise, as such the indegines flee their state to other states in search of greener pastures. Most youths  are jobless , this has made them to trade their political rights to currupt and selfish political heads.

I therefore I ask that your administration increasingly work to improve the ease of doing business by developing and implementing more pro-market policies and making the entire business environment more attractive to investors.

On a final note, I would love to express my cordial greetings to You sir, It is an honour to be a witness to the milestones your  service both as a governor and a one time minister of solid minerals development. While I admire your success, let me hasten to add that there is still so much to achieve. A lot has been done but a lot more is still undone. 

Joseph Sunday Owolabi
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