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How to Ask a Girl Out On a Date (Over Text Or Personally)
Tense about how to approach your dream girl or how to ask her out for a date? Well, don’t be nervous to ask a girl out on a date. Just have a look at these tips before you ask a girl out on a date.
Tips to Ask a Girl Out On a Date
[Image: How-to-ask-a-girl-out-on-a-date-over-tex...=400%2C267]
1.) Make a Good Impression Before You Ask a Girl Out on a Date
Don’t act strange or awkward, loose, and funny. Be nice, because it is really necessary before you ask a girl out on a date.
Have a good conversation and make sure she enjoys it. If she is looking around the room it means that she is looking for a chance to escape, then the date with her was not as fun as having her engaged and smiling throughout the conversation.
2.) Gauge Her Interests Before You Ask a Girl Out on a Date
Is she making eye contact with you? Is she smiling, having a good time talking to you laughing and having fun? Sometimes she keeps looking at you because she is annoyed with you always staring at her. This is not a good sign, and shows that the girl might be a little stressed or nervous herself.
3.) How Often Does She Touches You?
If she is constantly trying to grab your hand or often finds excuses to do so, then she is interested in you. However, do not assume that if she is not touching you she doesn’t like you. Do not start touching her if she has not made contact or touched you. It usually scares or intimidates girls. If she is not or won’t even look at you, stay calm and keep finding excuses to talk to her.
4.) Take Note on How She Looks Before You Ask a Girl Out on a Date
If a girl likes you, she will immediately pull away from your gaze or she will hold your gaze for a long time. Either of them could mean that she likes you. If you happen to glance at a girl and you see her staring back, then this means that she likes you or she doesn’t like you, although she may quickly move her head in a different direction. If she is looking at you meanly, it could mean she is very nervous but still likes you.
5.) Maintain Eye Contact to Ask a Girl Out on a Date
To ask a girl out requires talent, so does to make eye contact. While talking, look at her face and her eyes. Let the conversation flow like this way.
6.) Help Her Out to Ask a Girl Out on a Date
Offer to carry something heavy of hers, while she is at the office getting her lunch, or do something nice for her. If she refuses, which is often, then wait till she needs help or comforting, like when she’s having a bad day. Be friendly and outgoing with her. It will be easy for you to ask a girl out then.
7.) Light Sexual Attraction to Ask a Girl Out on a Date
Unless you create chemistry between the two of you, what will happen is that she’ll think you’ll “make a great friend” which is not what you want. You must create sexual tension while talking to a girl you like
8.) Do Some Flirting to Ask a Girl Out on a Date
You can flirt by teasing her, playing flirty games, joking around, telling stories, and establishing the connection. These will help you get her interest.
9.) Before Asking, Read Her Body Language
If she’s smacking you and telling you are a jerk, her body language may be saying something different. Try looking for key hints.
  • She keeps the conversation going by asking personal questions.
  • She may be touching you during the conversation.
  • She is laughing and interested in what say.
  • She’s teasing you back whenever you are joking.
  • She hints about what you like to do and ask what you do or doing during the week.
10.) Confidence is the key to Ask a Girl Out on a Date
Girls like guys with confidence. Talk with confidence if you are asking a girl out for a date.
No matter if you were a shy guy all over your life, but these tips here are sure to help you to ask a girl out.

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