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How to Talk to a Girl That You Like If She has a Boyfriend
You like a girl and want to talk to that girl but what will you do if she has a boyfriend? Here are some amazing tips that will help you to talk to a girl that you like if she has a boyfriend. There are many girls who are in a relationship when you meet them. This is very annoying and frustrating experience. So don’t lose hope. This is possible to win over your girl that you like even if she has a boyfriend.
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Ways to Talk to a Girl That You Like If She has a Boyfriend:
1.) Talk to Her About Her Boyfriend
This is important to know about her boyfriend.  If her boyfriend is one of your friends then you should back off because you can ruin your friendship. If you don’t know her boyfriend and want to know about her relationship, then try to get a sense of her relationship. Here you can ask:
  • What are you doing on this weekend?
  • How long have been dating your boyfriend?
  • Or you can say “I had a girlfriend and we broke up a few months ago. It was very difficult but I feel better now”.
2.) Know If She is Happy with Her Boyfriend
You can’t directly ask her about her relationship. It doesn’t look good. You have to talk to her and by talking you can get a sense whether she is happy or not in her relationship. If she complains to you about her relationship or boyfriend then it is a good sign that her relationship is not going well. You can also get an idea by making casual comments and notice how she responds in the affirmative or negative. Basically, you don’t want to try on that girl who is happy with her boyfriend or who is in a long relationship.  Say it like that “you have been together for a long time, such a pretty long time”.
3.) Know if She is Even Interested in You
Before you move further, you should know if the girl cares about you. Read the signs: Does she want to talk to you? Does she make excuses to be with you? Does she flirt with you? If she does any of these things then it is good chance that she may like you. There are some other techniques also that you can notice if she likes you. Make her jealous by talking about other girls in front of her. If she likes you then definitely she will get jealous. Give her compliment like your smile is so cute or you have beautiful eyes. See if she gives you one back.
4.) Don’t Get Stuck in the Friend Zone
If you want a girl to be your girlfriend then don’t get turn into her best friend. Talk to her about her relationship and boyfriend in the beginning which can be a good way to get a sense of what is really going on. If she is having a problem with her boyfriend then she can cry in front of you. Then don’t act like another romantic prospect or not as her new boyfriend. She wants to see you as someone completely refreshing, exciting and new, not as another guy that can take her to the movies.
5.) Know Which Girls are Worth Talking to
If you want to talk to a girl that you like if she has a boyfriend then make sure that girl should be worth to talk. There are some girls who show interest in you, start flirting with you and then go home to her boyfriend. Here are some girls that you should avoid:
  • Stay away from that girl who is using you to make her boyfriend jealous.
  • Avoid that girl who is crazy about her boyfriend.
  • Avoid that girl who flirts with you and just want to get attention from other guys.
  • Avoid that girl who goes with you to dinner and the movies. Then go back to her boyfriend. Such type of girls is using you for their fun.
6.) Give Her Respect
Giving her respect is the way to talk to a girl that you like and already has a boyfriend. You have to be respectful if you want the girl to fall in love with you. Don’t make jokes about her boyfriend and always try to put your arms around her and say shameful things about her boyfriend. Treat her like a lady if you really want her to like you. Compliment her but it should not seem like that you are hitting on a girl who has a boyfriend. Let her see that there is something special about you.
7.) Let Her Make the Calls
Let her know about you like what she really likes about you. Talk about a movie which you want to see and see if she asks to come along with you. Tell her about a party that you are throwing and see if she would like to be there. Let her decide on her own so that she doesn’t feel like that you are putting pressure on her. Let her realize how awesome you are.
8.) Hang Out with Her
This is the best way to talk to a girl that you like if she has a boyfriend. Whether you are going to the same party, going to a café after class or you are studying together, make sure that you spend time with her. Don’t flirt over text. Hang out with her group of friends, if you feel that it would be weird to hang out alone. But try to meet her alone so that she can start thinking about you and let her think about that you two have a lot of chemistry.
9.) Make Her Feel Special
By making her feel special is the best way to talk to a girl that you like if she has a boyfriend. Let her know that you see something unique in her. Compliment her amazing personality, her hair, and her hard work. Don’t touch her or hit her. If she feels that you are one of the amazing people then she will think that you may be the right guy for her. Show her that you really care about her. Let her know that you value her thoughts.
10.) Show Her That You Are Interested
Let her see that you want her as more than a friend. You can do it by complimenting her, by making eye contact, by standing close to her when you talk or by suggestions that you really care about her.
  • Say her that you like her haircut or you can say that you are the only girl that I have met who loves sports.
  • Show her how interesting and awesome you are by letting her see that you are smart, cool and talented. In this way, you can talk to a girl that you like if she has a boyfriend.
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