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This question was originally asked by kinsley kelvin on

1 Selling of mature poultry birds
This is one major business opportunity available to poultry farming in Nigeria . The poultry birds can be sold off once they get to market size. This model of poultry farming is extremely profitable during festive seasons so making sure that your birds are matured just before any of the festive season is very wise action.

2 Selling a day old to 4 old chicks
Some large poultry farms hatch their eggs and sell the young chicks to other smaller poultry farmers who do no have the ability to incubate and hatch eggs . You can do this with other business models you just have to have extra skills and equipments too.

3 Selling point of lay birds
Most farmers that eggs prefer to buy point of lay birds (birds just about to start laying) rather than rearing them from a day old. Some other farmers raise these layer chicks till they get to the point of lay stage and then sell them off.

4 Production of feed
Poultry feed is one thing poultry farmers can’t do without because it is one of the major necessities of the birds. As a result of this if you are able to make quality feed with a nice packaging, you are surely on your way to getting a nice and steady income.

5 Making and selling of vaccines and drugs
It rare if not impossible to to see a farmer who raises his birds from day old to market size without giving them drugs or vaccines. Every farmer certainly wants to limits his loss and prevention and treatment of diseases and infection is one sure way to do this. This field requires expertise and a few authorization but asides that its a very good venture.

6 Selling of eggs
Buying eggs in bulk from poultry farms and selling in smaller quantity is another very common and highly profitable field because of the very high demand placed on eggs. With a good supplier and a well structured network of buyers you can surely make huge profits from this.

7 Making of suitable poultry housing/cages
Though this might not something you get to do everyday of the week like the other options it is definitely not less profitable and you might not limit yourself to just making of poultry housing/cages alone. You just have to have the skills needed to build a poultry house/cage and a creative mind.

8.Selling Frozen chicken
This model is a bit capital intensive but it’s products are also highly sought after. Some people might not want to get a live bird for several reasons such as stress involved in killing and de-feathering, needing a smaller quantity and several other reasons. Frozen foods is most likely their next option of choice. The major limitations to this is the cost of getting the things needed for startup.

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