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How to make money from a free wordpress website/blog
This question was originally asked by kinsley kelvin on

 I have read several post online that tell people they can’t make any money from a free wordpress blog/website. But i believe you can even though the ways of monetizing a free wordpress blog/website is limited when compared to the way of monetizing a self hosted blog/website. Below are 3 ways with which you can monetize your website
1. Affiliate Marketing
If the content you are offering on your blog/website is related to a particular set of product/service, you can sign-up as an affiliate with a website that offers such products/service. All you have to do is to get links to the specific products your audience might be interested in and place them in your posts as recommended products/services. Anytime someone purchases the product/service through your link, you get paid your commission; the % the website agreed to pay you an any sale.
2.Selling your own products/services
If you have products to sell or services to render you can advertise them in your post and include your contact details or links which people can use to purchase from your facebook shop or instagram store (you should have set these up already) where people can finalize their purchases.
3.Advertising other brands
If your website generates a large number of traffic then you can try to convince some brands to place their ads/banners on your posts. Though this method is not ideal as you can’t track the conversion rate, if you can come up with a plan that might increase your users awareness of the brand then this might just be your highest paying “free blog monetizing strategy”.

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