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How to act around the girl you like
In this article, we will tell you how to act around the girl you like. You may have fallen for a girl but you don’t know what to do when you are around her. You may want her to like you the same way you do. It may happen or may not but there is always a possibility to make things favourable for you. You may act appropriately around her to attract her towards yourself. For this, you can follow certain basic tips which we are outlining here. It may help you earn a date with her.

[Image: How-to-Act-Around-the-Girl-You-Like.jpg?...=628%2C314]

Best Ways to Act Around the Girl You Like:

1) Get Confidence to Act Around the Girl You Like

You need to show much confidence in your behaviour while she is around you. A confident guy is always an impressive option for a date, in the case of girls. For this, you can start by telling yourself that you are confident. Sometimes, faking it can work for you. You need to feel good about your personality and yourself as a human being. Do not get fumbled up anywhere and talk with a firm voice to show your confidence.

2) Practice Indifference to Act Around the Girl You Like

You should practice indifference in your attitude to charm the girl you like. Indifference refers to taking life as it comes to you and forgetting about the future. It is a quality which can make your personality more attractive. You may act indifferently while she is around you. Don’t get hesitated in your attitude and do whatever seems right to you at that moment. If you get fearful and uncertain in your behaviour then it will make her feel like you are insecure about yourself.

3) Show Openness to Act Around the Girl You Like

You may acquire an open body language while acting around the girl you like. This means  you shouldn’t sit with your legs crossed or hold your hands covering your chest. You should make eye contact if at all she looks at you. It will make her think that you are open for a conversation and at some point both of you may exchange a few words on some common topic. Being conserved and timid in your approach and body language will not take you anywhere. Show openness in your attitude to grab her attention.

4) Practice Independence to Act Around the Girl You Like

You should adopt an independent attitude while acting around the girl you like. If you are in a place like a restaurant then you may order something according to your priority and need without depending on your friends. You may take a walk and look around to know about the place in a more precise way. These things show that you have an independent outlook and perspective towards everything. If she notices it then she may get interested in you as well.

5) Get a Friendly Approach to Act Around the Girl You Like

You should show your friendly behaviour when the girl you like is around somewhere. It can be a sweet gesture to start a friendly relationship. She may find it interesting too. You should talk to her if the situation permits. However, you should not try to be over-friendly. Otherwise, she may get scared off. Take a step and let her take another step towards you. You need not to push her to befriend with you.

6) Show Your Kindness to Act Around the Girl You Like

You should show your kindness and helpfulness wherever it is possible. Girls like those guys who have courtesy and sensibility in their approach. You may help her in any way or just give her a small favour. It will help creating a good picture of yours in her frame of mind. Show enough sensibility while dealing with girls. Giving a second thought will help you execute a task in a better way. Act like a gentleman to impress the girl you like. Girls always notice these traits in guys.

7) Show Respect to Act Around the Girl You Like

You should be respectful towards any girl and it makes a good image of yours. She may notice this and may fall for you. Do not humiliate any girl or talk abusively with them if the girl you like is somewhere around. Misbehaving with any other girl in front of her can make her think that you are just another jerk. She may not talk to you ever. Thus, being respectful and good to everyone can help you grab her attention.

8) Use Your Sense of Humour to Act Around the Girl You Like

You should be humorous while she is around you. Girls are attracted towards those guys who can make them laugh. You can be witty and funny when you know that she is noticing you. If by any chance, you get to talk to her then you may show your humorous side to her as well. She may find it attractive and may like to befriend you. Moreover, some other girls may also start liking you for it. You can do wonder with the magic of laughter.

9) Give Fleeting Sights to Act Around the Girl You Like

You should give her fleeting sights when she is around you. You can do it with having a smile on your face and keep it for a few seconds. If she responds back with a smile on her face too then you may have done the job. She may be interested in you and may give you another sign. However, you should not stare at her having no expressions on your face. She may find it offensive.

10) Give a Compliment to Impress Her

You may give her a compliment about her dress or hairstyle. It can be an another cute way to act around a girl you like. She may reply in a positive way and you may start up talking with her. Girls like to get compliments from guys. While speaking to her you should maintain eye contact and wear a smile on your lips. She may find you interesting and may love your company.
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