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Dearly beloved,

Mistake me not for an infidel because, you have been fooled too many times all in the name of love.
[Image: logopit_1541902228570-608117241.jpg?crop]

You deserve ultimate strength from my rein of love.
You wear the cloak of dignty which breeds love and care. Beneath your armour I see the morning sun nurturing our bond.
My heart is stabbed with ache and it bleeds nothing but your affection.
You are a strong warrior, worthy of my worthiness. Who hears my soul speak loud with passion.
I brag about how you pleasure my agony with peace and happiness, giving reasons to my existence.
What more shall I ask for, darling?
When the thoughts of you excites me.
When your presence alone sparks the light in me.
When the random moments shared with you makes my colours burst.
Sweetheart, I will embrace your warm heart till eternity.
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