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Sharing a platform hat helps me earn thousands of naire at my comfort zone
There are several online marketing that has come into existence in Nigeria that so many people might have try but did not work out for them and now things they can't make online. Here is a platform that is so reliable that you can earn thousands of naire at your comfort zone called newspay.  Newspay is an online social media where you can see latest news, stories happening around the world. Its keeps people updated and also gives them a handy income as they earn alot from newspay. Newspay is published on 20th of July 2018 and since then, they have been building up the trust of Nigerians by paying its members every week. NewsPay Nigeria is a branch of news sharing platform of HIPPO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – – Company Number ED64245 , an ICT company with a registered company address and details.                                                                 HOW YOU MAKE MONEY DAILY ON NEWSPAY                                       

1. When you first register u will be given #30 for registration bonus.                                                    

2. You will earn #50 for daily login .                                                   

3. You will earn #100 for sponsored post.                                   

4. You will earn #6 for the comment u make on the sponsored post.                                   

5. You will earn #4 for the comment u make on any news *unlimited*                                            

6. You will earn #4 for replying peoples comment on any news or post.  *unlimited*                                                                                7. When you register someone, you will earn 1000

                                                        Just for A day.  U earn almost or more than #500 perday.                                                                                    To join newspay, you will only have to register with a one time payment of #1600 which you will earn in a week.

Just click on the link below to register.                                                   Newspay is very reliable

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