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Check Out The New platform That Pays Nigeria Weekly
*What actually is this GetPaid all about?* 

 *How do I Make my money from it?* 

 *Hope this is not a scam* ?

If you just ask yourself those questions above kindly go through the presentation???? because your  answers are there???

 *Alert* ??
In GetPaid Referral* is *not compulsory* 

In GetPaid. we are *paid weekly* 

No need to doubt why not go through the presentation for more details?????

 *Presentation Proper??* 

 *GetPaid* is an online program you earn real and legitimate money from and this program is open to everyone which means it is suitable for Job seekers, graduates, students, stay at home moms, bloggers, Network Marketers, etc.

Do you run from online business because of referrals? then don't panic  there are many ways to earn and get paid without referring a single soul?? Yes we keep to our long as your activity earning is up to *N2000* you can cash it out in full because it is your is that not what you are looking for??????

While other online business tells us referrals are not compulsory but when we join they will change story for us, this is not applicable here, we are unique and we build on truth.....?????

 *How are they making the money they are paying there members if referring is not compulsory ?* 

 GETPAID make almost 80% their money through their advertisers for the traffic they bring to them and they share that same advert revenue with our members, they also make their money through Google.

 *This are your 5 task as a GetPaid member?* 

? Instant *N100*  immediately after your registration
? Share Sponsored post on your Facebook account *N50* 
?Read news and comment on our advertisers website and earn *N3* each (33news daily)

?We have advertisers who pay us money to generate comments to their sites. These advertisers pay us ₦5 per comment and we pay you ₦3 from that ₦5 for each comment you drop on their website. The ₦2per comment we keep for ourselves is spent on maintaining GETPAID server and paying our staff.
? *Special Giveaways* We give out N500 daily to  one GetPaid. member that have a well constructed and acceptable comment in our advertisers website.
? Each person you register your friend, Family members or anyone with your affiliate Link as a member you will automatically get N1050?? Don't be stingy ? register your friends unless you want to make money alone

 *Please note: It is NOT compulsory to refer someone just as we said as long as you have reach the minimum withdrawal of N2000 you can cash out everything ???.*

Withdrawal is done every *Friday* and payment is on *Saturday* and *Sunday*  of every week for those that have reach the minimum withdrawal

GetPaid was
 developed to build a reading culture among *youth* and among all reason GETPAID is Nigeria’s FIRST ever website that teaches you how to make money online, how to overcome financial problems AND PAYS YOU at the same time (other website do but we are unique in our own)?????.

This business is only opened to Nigerians only or people that are out of Nigerian with a Nigerian bank account????

In GetPaid na money dey rush us?????
Chat me up on WhatsApp using 09050505343 to know more or join my whatsapp group with the link below to know more
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